Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodwill find of the year!

My mom and I are avid Goodwill shoppers. Usually just for books, but we always browse the store. You never know what treasures you will find. Last Saturday, while browsing through household items (pictures, frames, signs etc..) I found a misplaced toy. For a moment I almost disregarded it, but after examining a little bit closer.. I realized this was a little treasure.

You see.. Aidyn loves little toys. He loves littlest pet shop, he loves my nieces little Disney Princess set, he loves her little dolls... well that all results in a bunch of girl stuff. As much as Aidyn enjoys playing with them, I am not about to buy pink animals and dolls for my son. I am sorry if that is offensive or "Backwards", but its just not gonna happen. Ifyaknowwhatimean!

So there... sitting on the shelf was this bad boy:

At first it doesn't look like much, but inside was a bag full of little men, horses, flags, tents, etc.. It is a Wild West fort! How cool is that?!I gave it to Aidyn-man today when we decided to separate the three kids. We like to give them quiet time to play alone. Aidyn is LOVING it. See? (thats his.. i'm tryin' to play ma' look!)
Although I am pretty sure the wild west would have been a lot different if Aidyn was in charge.

No, that is not a blood bath.... They are all sleeping in a group...(outside?). Cowboys and Indians together...... (world peace?)

Actually... Aidyns favorite pieces are the horses. They get to eat chocolate and live in the fort alone! (lucky horses!)

Aidyn got sick of me taking pictures of him.... so he started making these faces at me:
This is his way of saying "GO AWAY! LET ME PLAY!!!!!"
Even though he makes monster faces at me, I still love finding things like this... that make him happy and help him use his imagination! (and only cost $2.99!)

Because..really? Who could resist this cuteness?


Unknown said...

You are right... find of the YEAR!!! love it! what a fun neat toy! Perfect for a sweet cute little boy..... BY THE WAY love the "World Peace" comment that made me chuckle! Have a good one! JGG

Jess Craig said...

awesome. i think i'd even like that for myself. i love miniaturized things.

Kit Kat said...

So great! Don't you just love Good Will?! Next time you and your mom are in the cities, I will have to take you to this place called Turnstyle, its a consignment store, but it is really nice!
Glad to see little man enjoying the toy! Cute pics!

Another David said...

Jealous. I want a wild west fort :/

staclee said...

Awh that you are such a great mother!!!

Those pictures are to die for.. cutest little boy, EVER!!

Elizabeth said...

Goodwill...I love it....great purchase! :-) He is such sweety!

Brittany said...

What a great boy toy!! He's so adorable :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow that was a great deal. I love thrift stores & good wills.