Friday, March 5, 2010

A fish named Phineas!

Aidyn WAS completely potty trained when we lived in Florida. Then once we made the big move back to the Midwest, that all changed. I am trying to be patient. I understand that he has all these emotions swirling around in his head, and he doesn't quite know how to communicate it. So I came up with a totally wonderful- completely terrific- incredibly genius idea. A little motivation.

I created the "Potty tank". I bought some tag board and fish stickers. I drew a fish tank with some markers, and told Aidyn man that when all the fish stickers were put in their tank we would buy a REAL-LIVE fish! Each time Aidyn man went potty, he got a sticker. He was so excited, and had so much fun placing the stickers in the tank. He would sit each afternoon and count how many fish were in his tank. He was so proud!
In no time at all, all the fish stickers were gone! (yay Aidyn!!!!)
So.....Today Aidyn-man became a proud father of a fish named Phineas. He is a blue beta fish. He hasn't said or done much yet, but thats to be expected. :) He lives in a fabulous little tank that I put together.

Oh, don't under estimate how tough this was. If the manufactures goal was to make me feel completely incompetent, then JOB WELL DONE! I sat at the table for what felt like hours trying to understand the directions. The small 8 inch font- just wasn't cutting it. Halfway through set up I spilled water ALL over.... including the directions. So I had to wing it. :)

Lucky for Phineas, at last minute I figured it all out. Right before smashing the thing into smithereens I got it all to come together! (yes, I am patting myself on the back!) Lets just say Phineas and I might need a drink after that little episode! (ugh!)

Aidyn is still not back to pottying full time. (give it time!) BUT he is getting much better. I am going to go back to underwear full time as of Monday. I know that he'll get back on the potty train real soon! (wish us luck!)
Welcome to the family Mr. Phineas, welcome to the family!!!!!


Midnitefyrfly said...

YAY you and your awesome idea! Potty training is tough and as a mom of a 12 and almost 10 year old with a now 2 year old.... I just don't stress.

I am unaware of any un potty trained adult. :)

LOVE the fish idea.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so clever. I love this idea. YOU are a teacher at heart.

We had a few beta fish and they were great. I loved them and keep thinking of getting another..which is crazy with the amount of critters we have.
I thought they were pretty easy. Feed daily. Clean out the water weekly.
Like having a toddler. Right????? :)

Homemaker Man said...

That is a great idea and a good fish name. Way to go A-Dog.

Riahli said...

Cute idea. He will get right back into the swing of things in no time, usually right around the time when you think it's never gonna happen. ;)

Elizabeth said...

OH, you are such a wonderful Mommy!! What a GREAt idea for him!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :-)