Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angels or Imaginary Friends?

Angels or Imaginary Friends?

I want to write this story first before I do any searches or consulting. I want you to get the bare facts. So here it goes:

I told you previously about this episode. Aidyn woke up in the middle of the night crying because he said he was never going to see me again. I reassured him, but in the pit of my stomach I felt sick. It was still in the pit of my stomach when I dropped Aidyn off with his grandma. As we were leaving I confided in my best friend, and she promptly replied that we should pray. So pray we did. She prayed that God would protect him and send his angels to keep him safe. She prayed that he would protect his eyes, ears, and heart. That he would not be exposed to anything he was not suppose to see or hear. That he would be physical and mentally safe while he was away.

I had a calming feeling immediately.

Fast forward to the day I picked him up. Immediately he started talking about his friends Jack and Jeremy. I thought they were some friends he met in Omaha while visiting his dad. His Grandma told me that he just started talking about them, and we laughed and called them his “imaginary friends.” He told me they lived in a “Video house”. I figured it was something he seen on tv.

As the week has gone by, Aidyn has talked more and more about Jack and Jeremy. I decided to ask him questions. For every question he has a response. He doesn’t even have to think about it, he just answers. I’ve written down some of his responses.

Are they big people or kids?

They are big people. They are big like daddy.

What do they look like?

They have dark hair, like you and me!

Where do you see them?

I see them at our house in Minnesota. They just play with me.

What do they wear? (I kid you not this was his response!)

(laughing) They wear dresses! (more laughing)

Are they mean or nice?

They are nice. They are my friends.

Are they here right now?

Not right now, they are at their video house. They come to our house in Minnesota.

What do they say to you?

They tell me when I got in trouble for messing up the toys. They say they forgive me.

After our conversation I remembered something my cousin had said. After hearing about Jack and Jeremy she said “Maybe they are angels.” Then it hit me. All of it fell into place. None of this is made up- all of it is real. I’ve heard about stories where angels talk to people, but have often times doubted it. I have experienced “signs” from God. I have experienced him guiding me or talking to my heart, but nothing like this. I 100% believe that they are angels. I don’t know how to explain this feeling, but it blows my mind.

I want to end by saying that I believe that God is the all mighty. I DO NOT believe that angels are a substitute for my creator. I do not pray to angels, but merely think they are a tool from God. I believe that they are fighting a war for him, and these two particular angels were sent to protect my son.

What are your opinions? Any information you can give me would be helpful! Any experiences with this?


Blogs said...

My kids see ghosts, angels, whatever...I think every kid goes through this. It's obviously kind of a weird experience hearing them talk about it but a good one. As long as they're not scaring them!:)

Unknown said...

Oh' WOW' this gave me goose bumps all up and down my arms... chills! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY NEAT! I believe there are angels all around us, and yes to protect us, especially are young innocent ones. What a neat neat story and experience for Aidyn! Jenn

~Tom~ said...

My grandmother passed away in 1997. My younger son was almost 2 at the time. He used to sit and play with a toy cash register with her in her living room.

After she passed we were sitting at her house talking to my grandfather. Tyler was sitting in the living room playing with that cash register and chattering away. He was having a conversation with someone. We asked him who he was talking to and he replied, "Great-grandma" I responded with, "You do know that great grandma is no longer with us right? She is gone." In a very serious voice he blew us away when he said, "No she isn't gone. She is sitting right there!"

I have no doubt that children can see things we can not. Their minds are totally open. It is as we grow that we close our minds to things around us. I think it is awesome that Aidyn has someone that appears to be keeping watch over him. God bless you all.

Kit Kat said...

I definitely agree with Toms post. There are some people in general that are more open or affected by the supernatural world. And I think the openness of childrens minds allow them to see many things that we do not.
As long as these "friends" continue being nice, I whole heartedly believe that they are God's angels sent to watch over your son :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do believe in ghosts and Angels too.
I have not had any experiences with Angels...yet.
My oldeset used to pretend she was playing with Goofy. All.the.time.

I don't know who Jack and Jeremy are, but they seem harlmess and comforting for him when he is away from you.

Jess Craig said...

i do not believe that people see their lost loved ones.. in fact, i think it's something very very evil and opposite. the bible says that demons will represent themselves as people that you've lost to fool you. now, on a lighter note...

the bible also says that angels can appear to look completely like man. in fact, the bible also says that they are among us. so i believe that we can be in contact with them at any time, and just not know it.

i found this for you to check out.

Tanya said...

your post, along with all these comments definitely got my mind racing. Brittany that is so wonderful that your son got to experience all of that! I bet you anything they are the angels you asked to protect him. God is always there for us when we need him most. Maybe if they wouldn't have been playing with him something could have happened, maybe they were protected him?? Who knows!

Anonymous said...

I found your profile on another blog that I follow and added myself to follow you.

If you would like to visit my blog you are more than welcome to.

God bless you, Ron

AiringMyLaundry said...


I do believe kids can see things that we can't.

Brittany said...

I wouldn't doubt this for a second. They say kids are clairvoyant. I used to have a friend named Chelsea when I was younger, so my mom tells me. And I used to talk about her like she was right now. Kids can do things like that. That's great he has someone watching out for him.

Anonymous said...

I used to have angels as 'imaginary' friends....they either were angels or just my imagination....i'm not sure...but one night i stayed at a friends house(she said it looked like i was dead and wasn't breathing). when i woke up she was in front of me trying to wake me up, i woke up and looked at her, then she looked at the curtains(it was VERY dark in the house at the time). When she looked at the curtains there was a very bright light and she disappered. I sat up and looked around.My friend was walking out of the kitchen and said, "oh your awake"