Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday :)

I was close to missing out on Thankful Thursday... but at the last minute I remembered so here it is ladies and gents:

So even in the midst of the sadness about leaving FL, I am still so incredibly THANKFUL! Here is my list for the week:

1. That I have a mom who allows me to move home (even for a while!) and welcomes me with open arms and big shouts of joy!

2. That I get to learn how to cook from the best "cook-er" I know! (aka my mom)

3. That Aidyn will get to spend time with his cousins! yay!

4. That I will be closer to my family!

5. That me and FB had a wonderful friend "date" yesterday!

6. That my co-workers are so awesome and supportive.

7. That my son loves me! (cute story coming tomorrow!)

8. That Aidyn is (knock on wood...) almost potty trained! (I have purposely avoided telling you this in fear that it would jinx us! I will tell you more when we have sealed the deal!)

9. That I have such a SMART son.. (who learned all of his planets this week.. video attatched!)

10. That my relationship with God just keeps on growing! :) I feel myself relying more and more on him and my faith!

11. That I have all of you that help keep me going, motivated, accountable, and happy! YOU ALL ROCK!!!! Thanks to all my new followers, I hope to check out your blogs ASAP! Once my life is a little more in order I am sure that we will become great friends!

Now onto what you are all waiting for... The video:

If you would like to play along with Thankful Thusday you can visit my friend Elizabeth! She is a great blog read, and she is the sweetest little thing I know! (go.. shoo visit her now!)


Elizabeth said...

Love thankful thursday...we as people have so much to be thankful for!! :-)

Brittany said...

Gosh, he is just such a cute little boy!! And smart too :) How old is he?

Tanya said...

Brittany this is so adorable!! I love Thankful Thursday!