Friday, January 15, 2010


Haiti did not feel real until this morning. It was pictures I didn't dare look at it. It was news that I flicked past. It was articles I would not read.

Then my mom sent me this link to a blog, I DID read. I haven't stopped crying. My eyes are swelled with tears as I write this, and as I continue to read. My heart is broken. This is REAL. People are dead. Mothers taken from their babies. Babies taken from their mothers. If it was me. God.

Please go. Read. Pray! Somewhere Between who I was and who you're making me. Warning: It will make you cry. It will make you so sad that your heart can't take it. It will make you want to fly to Haiti this minute. BUT we as people.... as GODS PEOPLE need to be aware. We need to mourn with them, and pray for them!

My first several paintings for a cause will be sent to Haitian relief efforts. I'll post my first painting tonight.

With a tear streaked face and a prayer on my lips,


Anonymous said...

The news coming from Haiti is tragically devastating. So heart wretching! Already a poor country (one of the poorest in the world), and now this tragedy!!! My heart is saddened and my gut churns when I see the photos and read stories from there.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Thanks for that link - I'll pass it on!

Elizabeth said...

It is so sad! :-) I have been praying for all that are involved!

Lori said...

Oh honey I have cried lots over this too. You have an amazing heart and are such a blessing. I'm so very proud of you! XX

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is all very heartbreaking. We can only do what we can do...send money, send relief, pray. That is what we will do.
Hugs to you, Suz