Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I was talking to BD today, and he was telling me that he had checked his zodiac. Since I am not really into the whole "astrology" sign usually, I blew it off. While surfing the web I seen a little link to the over view for the year. I was SHOCKED! It hit everything SPOT ON! I'll bold the most true.. Check it out!

Year 2010 Overview

Isn't it great being a Gemini? All that charm, that mental flexibility, that ability to see both sides of the issue (Esp concerning Aidyn-his father-and my relationship!) ... you're the wonder of the zodiac. Take a bow. The problem with that is that both sides of the issue have been kind of a drag. Good news: that's all going to change in the next year!

Gemini is one of the few Sun signs that doesn't have an animal symbol, but this may be the year that all of that changes. In the past few years, with Pluto opposing your sign, you've been a little like a monkey, swinging from branch to branch trying desperately to keep one step ahead of the predators and keep yourself fed. With Pluto now moved on into Capricorn, a lot of the major partnership issues you've faced will be lightening up. You'll still retain the swing, but this year you're going to feel a lot more like a hummingbird: still mobile, still getting things done, but in a much more elegant manner. (Does that describe my year or what? Moving from place to place, trying to figure this whole co-parenting thing out.. Wanting to make everyone happy.. and hopefuly this coming year that will happen!!)

Your renowned intellect has been strained the last couple of years, as it's been forced to find solutions to the many issues you've been dealt. In 2010, you'll finally be gaining some traction on your biggest challenges, and solutions will flow to you with ease. I HOPE SO!!!!!!!!

What a great preview to the future! I can only hope that it all goes as plan!!!



Busy Bee Suz said...

:0 Happy New year...I hope it goes as planned as well, but whatever the future will roll with it well!!

Homemaker Man said...

Happy New year to you and Aidyn. And big ups from a fellow gemini.

Elizabeth said...

Hope your new year is all that you hope and pray for.. hope your trip is going well!! Let's welcome 2010!!! yay!