Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tears and Cheers!

Christmas eve was such a perfect day. I loved doing last minute shopping with my sister, and preparing for the night. Her home is so beautifully decorated, and puts your in the mood right away. It was nice being surrounded by my family. It made the holidays feel so warm.

As we were sitting around the table during dinner, conversation turned to snow, and Minnesota. Since my Sisters in-laws have never been to the Midwest, we talked about spending the holidays in the Midwest next year. Just the thought of back home evoked tears. It was my first Christmas with out snow, and my first Christmas away from my mom. To top it off, I was without my son. Tears started to pool, and my sister caught my eye. She mouthed "Don't think about it." as to not draw attention to me. BUT that did it, I had to quickly excuse myself to the kitchen. It was then that the tears rolled down my cheeks. I just couldn't help it. My heart ached for him. My body wanted to hold him. I wanted him there to celebrate the holidays, and to experience all the warmth and love that was in that room.

My sister came to my rescue and wrapped her arms around me. Earlier she had reassured me, telling me of her Christmas without her daughter. She told me how hard it was, and how badly she had missed her. Together we cried in her kitchen. Soon my niece was holding me as well. Together the two of them got me back together. They helped me dry my eyes and fix my make up. They brought me back to the table where I was greeted with more hugs and reassuring smiles. It was nice to know that everyone in the room loved me, and cared about me. It didn't take the ache away, but it did made it bearable.

The rest of the nights events unfolded beautifully, as did the rest of the weekend. I had such a great time celebrating with my family. We drank, we laughed, we ate (and ate..and ate..and ate), we cuddled we played wii, and shopped. We just spent time relaxing with each other. It was very nice. Perfect.

To put the big cherry on top, I booked a plane ticket home for Wednesday!!!! At last minute I realized that not only did I NOT want to drive for an entire day straight to meet BD half way, but I NEEDED to see my Mom and my family! So I found a cheap round trip ticket, and booked it. I will be going back to snowy Minnesota for five days!! WOOHOOO! Just the thought of seeing her makes me giddy! Three days and i'll be back in my home for a long weekend! Plus in five i'll be holding my little boog! Now that's something to smile about!!

I am so blessed! How did I get this lucky?

I wish you all as much happiness and love as I have in my life! Cheers to that and the new year!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh... you are so bring me to tears...then you bring me to MORE tears. I am so sorry you are homesick...even more are Aidyn sick.
I hope this trip heals you.
Hugs to you and your family.

Lori said...

Oh honey...this made me cry. I cannot wait to hug you in few days. Jordan and Neveah will be so excited to see you. I am thankful that you and Toni were able to be there for each other like that. It won't be long and your little Boog will be in your arms. This was a beautiful account of your Christmas holiday.

Just so you know....I am going to leave the tree up just for you! Can't wait till your here. Love you to the moon and back! XXOO