Saturday, December 19, 2009

My new bathroom!

When Aidyn man was still in my tummy, his father and I moved out of our beautiful apartment into his cousins basement. It was horrible, but we made it home. I cleaned on my hands and knees, and decorated. We organized and made it work. It was only my home for a month or two before I moved back home (since I was so sick from the pregnancy). Well during the stay, we bought a bathroom set. The same bathroom set I have had in every bathroom since. I loved it, but for some reason every time I took a bath and looked at it, I was reminded of the day that we bought it.

I was crying. I was seriously devastated. Not yet 100% comfortable with the pregnancy, and sad about leaving our apartment behind, I started to cry on the way into dinner with his family. BD reassured me that everything would be okay. He held me, and told me that home was where we were. He helped me pick out lots of stuff to make our little basement our home. I was so excited to get started after his little pep-talk. It was that night that I fell back in love with him.

Now three years later, I needed to purge myself of the bathroom set. A lot has changed since that day. Mostly me. I dont need his reassurance anymore. I am strong enough on my own. I will always be thankful for what BD has done for me, and given me, but it is time for me to move on. Completely.

A week ago I purchased a new bathroom set. It is strong, and bold, and more of the "new" me. It is more then just a shower curtain, its a symbol of who I have become. In fact it is the last thing that I had from my home with BD. There has been lots of tension in the past few weeks, and it has proved to me more then ever, that I have done the right thing. That moving to FL was right for me. I am strong enough to stick up for myself. I am strong enough to know that I am worth more then what he was giving me.

Now every time I take a shower, shave my legs, put on my make up, and get ready each morning, I smile. I am an independent woman.. with a lot of style! (and a really cute bathroom!)

(It looks better in person.. but theres a little peak!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Isnt it funny how certain things always conjure up memories. (good or bad) I am glad you made this change...for the better.
I think it is sweet and bold!