Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I have already given you all the 411 on my Ugly Sweater Party. It takes place tomorrow, and up until an hour ago I didn't have my ugly sweater yet. I was having a slight panic attack. I had found several that would be "okay" if need be, but nothing that was like "OH MY GAWD!"

Then a few days ago I found "it"! The sweater of all sweaters. The ugly sweater to top all ugly sweaters. It was EPIC!

Where did I find it? Where else? Craigslist. Of course there isn't an "ugly sweater" category, so instead I searched "holiday sweaters". That's where I found it. A lady who had undergone weight loss surgery was getting rid of all her old "big" clothes. There in the midst of stretch pants, and dresses, was this grand piece of holiday spirit. Embroidered on the front of this red knitted sweater was a huge Christmas tree, two teddy bears, presents, and bells. It was love at first sight. I knew I just HAD to have it.

After a bit of email tag, we finally settled on a price (which was much more then it is worth.. but for this sweater it was worth it!). Then we nailed down the date and time. For five extra dollars her husband hand delivered it to my school. :) By the end of lunch time it was here! It is now mine-o-mine!

The select few people that have had the chance to glance at its beauty, have been stunned speechless. I have gotten several high fives, "oh my gawds", and "Thats awesome!"s. I think I might just win my very own Ugly sweater contest! Stay tuned!

So tonight it will be a mad dash to finish baking, decorating, cleaning, and fitting a staff meeting into the mix as well. By seven o'clock tomorrow ugly sweaters will be strolling in my door!

I know you all just cant wait to see this sweater for yourself, but I am waiting until tomorrow to post any of this eye candy for you! BE PATIENT! I KNOW..I KNOW ITS TOUGH! but it will be OHHHH so worth it!

:)))) Ohhh don't you just love the holidays! YIPEE!!!


Riahli said...

Ha, ha, ha!! That's awesome...I'm a wee bit jealous, I wanted to find the perfect ugly sweater but we ended up not doing the ugly sweater party anyways...I'll have to keep my eyes open for next year. Hope you have an absolute blast! Sounds like so much fun, wish I could come! :)

Brittany said...

If you lived near by you'd totaly be invited. Heck hop on a plane, you're invited anyways! :))

P.s. Let me know if you have one, I bought several, I'll mail you one!! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't wait!! I can't wait!!! I hope there is tinsel and lights involved. :)

Lori said...

I wish I could be there in an ugly Christmas sweater! Instead, I got to have fun with your boy. I am so totally in love with him and the fact that I get to be his grandma. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures! XX