Saturday, November 21, 2009

When you shouldn't laugh......

I need to start this story with a disclaimer. Aidyn suffered no serious injuries. He is A-okay! That being said, get ready for one of the funniest parenting stories and one sure to embarrass Aidyn for years to come!

Yesterday night I gave Aidyn a bath. Aidyn has so many toys that he can barely fit. He has army men, toy cars, buckets, foam letters, and some random containers. One of the random containers is a red bubble container we got from a birthday party. All the bubbles are gone. He just likes dunking it and letting the bubbles come to the surface.

Excited about something Aidyn stood up to show me. I scolded him to sit down, since I am terrified he'll fall and crack his head open. (Im not great with blood.) He plopped himself back into the tub, just to let out a YELP!


I look up startled. I could NOT believe my eyes!

You are not going to believe this, but the bubble container was stuck out of his butt! He literally had a red star poking out of his rear end!

At first it was panic. I yanked it out of his butt hole, and pulled him out of the bath. Scared that he would bleed, or screw something up down there. Once I got him out of the tub, and laying down, I inspected the damage. There wasn't any.

I called my mom just to be sure. This is when I realized how funny the words coming out of my mouth sounded. I told my mom "Aidyn got a bubble container stuck in his butt hole, and I had to pull it out." I want you to say these words out loud.

You can not say them with a straight face. How does this happen? Of course it happens to me.. to my kid! I burst into a fit of laughter!

Once I knew Aidyn was okay, (and hopefully not psychologically damaged) I could not stop laughing. My mom asked to talk to Aidyn, and with all seriousness in his voice he says:

" Grandma lori.. the bubbles.. the star bubbles went up my butt cheek!"

So now i'm laughing even harder. Imagine the cutest little two and a half year old saying this.. you'll laugh too (with an "awww baby!" attached :)

Then he goes on to say:

"Not nice tub-tub! Not nice bubbles! Not nice star bubbles!"

Now i'm really rolling. He looks at me with this serious face, clasps my face in his hands, and he starts laughing. I mean really laughing.

Afterwards I had to call my best friend, his father and my sister, just so they could hear this funny story. Then I got to thinking... everyone needs to hear this, BUT there not gonna believe it!

All I can say is, this is one story for the first girlfriend to hear, or at his graduation party! :) ohhh poooor poooor Aidyn! I think we are sticking to just a couple of toys in the bathtub from now on.. and I think the bubble container has to go!


Lori said...

When you called I didn't think I had heard you right so that's why I kept saying "What?" It might also have to do with you giggling while you were His voice was so sweet when he was telling me what happened and I gave him the sympathy he needed. Poor little guy. But, yes, I did laugh after hanging up and when I told the family yesterday. XXOO

Summer said...

Oh my word!!!

Hilarious! And definitely use that one day for bribery!!!

Riahli said...

Oh my goodness, I have to admit this got me giggling, the craziest things happen with kids...I always laugh when I shouldn't!!

~Tom~ said...

I am glad he is ok but...yes I said "but".....that is one hysterical story!

Anonymous said...

poor, poor little man ... not only for what happened but for the many years of reminders that are to come! ;0)

RileyScott said...

OMG...having helped raise 3 children i have some stories on my ownm but MAN is that a great girlfriend embarrassment story. bet you could get 5 or 6 chores out of him for you not to share that story