Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jeff comes to town....

This is Jeff.....

He came to visit from Minnesota for the weekend. (I know right, he is cute!)

He has never been out of the midwest so he was pretty excited about EVERYTHING.
He was very excited to own his first Gators shirt!

Just as excited about palm tree's!

Even more excited about the ocean!

I was super excited for him to meet FB :) They hit it off!!!!

And you know that me and fb have to get in on the pictures taking together!!!!!

And SUPER excited to get tipsy with me! MMMM 4$ budlight pitchers... :) Don't mind if we do!

We spent a wonderful night Friday in downtown Gainesville, where I am sorry to say I dont remember much after bar 2. (That MIGHT be a good thing! See picture below)

Saturday morning was a little rough but we managed to make it up and going. We headed over to St. Augustine for the afternoon. We brought with FB, my brother, and my friend Nat. :) It was a perfect day. We walked the shops, checked out the pier, went down on the beach, and ended with good food and watching the Gator game. :) Jeff was so happy and excited about everything that you couldn't help but smile right along with him!

I drove him back to the airport last night at 2am. It was hard saying goodbye since we had so much fun, but were going to start making this a more regular occurrence. Flights are cheap, and we just have too much fun together not to!
Now back to reality.. :) Time to spend some time with my main man! I think I'll take a little R&R this morning, clean my room, and then off to the art festival with the little guy! Hope your weekends were wonderful, and your Sundays are relaxing!!!! Tell me all about them!
P.s. THANKS FOR COMING JEFF :) I am sooo glad you came


Lori said...

Such good fun! I'm glad he was able to visit and experience all those fun firsts with you! XXOO