Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of THOSE days.

Today started off like all the others...

Aidyn and I walked to school (which is our new ritual since it SO nice out!), I was full of energy for all of the kiddies, we went through our regular routine, and I went on break.

Break time is one of my favorite times of the day. I'm able to catch up on the gossip, relax, and prepare myself for the rest of the day. Today, I got break a little bit early, and I was sitting down to eat some spaghetti (which was lunch at school today) and type up some stuff for my classroom when.....


A WHOLE plate of spaghetti tipped over on top of my crotch. My khaki pants were splattered with noodles, sauce, and meat. The lady sitting next to me in the office, just sat there mouth agape looking at me. I tried to calmly (no cussing) wipe the pasta back on to the plate, and scrape as much residue off my pants. I was PISSED! How was I going to spend an entire day at work looking like I just got my "Woman time"?!

I walked out of the office, and into my classroom, and one of my favorites says "Wow you look like you got diaherria !" Ohhh FABULOUS! Now not only do I look like I forgot a tampon, it looks like I cant control my bowels!

I wanted to cry...

When i got a genius idea:


We have a large supply, and one of the pieces was a white skirt. Sure it looks silly with my purple shirt, but its better then walking around looking like a "Hot mess express!" So I threw on the skirt, and threw my pants into our washing machine. I am now looking quite silly, but not nearly as messy! In an hour, all will be well!

I just hope that the rest of my day, doesn't continue down this path!!!!


~Tom~ said...

And as long as you are not wearing underwear with a big ol smiley face on the butt that will show through the white skirt, you are all set.

Take comfort though, when I dress halfway decent for work, I always end up spilling something on myself. It never happens when I have on jeans. Go figure. I have actually run to the nearest K-mart during my work day to buy another shirt more than once.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Not good at all. I hope you pre-treat that stain!!! (Yes, I am such a MOM)

Lori said...

Oh honey...I'm trying not to laugh because it's really not funny...okay I'm laughing with you honey...hope someone took a picture of you in the just really wanted to play dress up didn't you honey?!