Saturday, October 24, 2009

Costume number 1

So Aidyn has three Halloween parties this year. One this weekend, is a big party at our big school. (The owners of my school own six schools) It will be full of games, face painting, balloons, Jason Castro (from American Idol), lots of candy, and TONS of people! It should be a total blast.. Except I wont be making it. I am miserably sick! I went home yesterday with a fever of 102, and so far I haven't gotten any better. My head hearts, i'm exhausted, and I go back and fourth from cold to hot. Basically I am a hot (then cold) mess!!! So my little brother and his girlfriend offered to take him tonight. Aidyn was SUPER excited to go, except there was a little problem..

His costume hasn't gotten here yet. (We ordered it online....)

So it was time to get the creative juices going (mid-sickness!)...

And what did we come up with?!

AN 80'S ROCKER!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks like a little stud. Here is a sneak peek at the beginning of the costume (he'll be wearing a cut off and he'll have a few "tats". He looks 100% adorable! :) Stay tuned for next week to see what costume won!!!!

P.s. now i'm going back to bed, and letting my little (more energetic) brother deal with the sugar highs!! :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

He looks adorable. So sorry you are is a blessing that you have family to help out with you and the little stud today.

Lori said...

I love it!!! He looks adorable! Jason sent me his picture earlier today. Jordan and Nevaeh thought it was so funny! Hope you feel better soon honey and that yours doesn't go on forever like mine did!