Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Vote-a-thon

I am having trouble deciding what I should dress my little munchkin as this Halloween (I know.. I know... its down to the last minute!). So I thought I'd let you guys decide... Here are the options!

An Alligator (since we live in the home of the Gators!!! I think I would look for a different design, so we could put a UF gator jersey over top!)

Diego.. Since this is one of Aidyns FAVORITE shows. He has: 2 diego back packs, 1 diego doll, a bazillion diego toys, Diego blankets...etc.. (you get the picture..) So why not a costume?

A PILOT! I found this online, and thought it was ADORABLE! Whever I ask Aidyn what he wants to be for Halloween, he says a pilot. So here it is.. what do you guys think?

They all cost approximately the same amount, so help me (and Aidyn) decide what his costume will be this year! and hurry.... we dont have much time! :)


~Tom~ said...

Well I have to say that the alligator is cuter, but after reading the story of him wanting to be a pilot, I would go with that one. It would make his day for sure. think of the smiles!

Riahli said...

Pilot, super cute!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love them all...seems Diego would be the 'coolest' though..since it is still so hot!

Brittany said...

Thanks guys :)