Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Decorations

We have been so busy in my senior (vpk) classroom! There has been so many decorations to get ready for our fall party! The kids have had so much fun creating such beautiful (and silly) pieces of art! Our whole classroom is full of adorable creations! I have had the best time coming up with cute things to do! (I'm definetly in my element during art class!) I just thought I would share some of my favorites with you! I get such wonderful ideas from you guys, that I thought maybe I could give you one or two for your homes (or classrooms!)! ENJOY :)!!!

This is our "mummy" that we made from a ginger bread man template. We cut them out on white construction paper, and then covered them with glue (we used a glue stick) and then attached toilet paper and googly eyes! I dreamt about them last night, and we created them today! They are now hanging on our wall underneath a sign that says "We love our mummies and daddies!" I think they turned out SOOO cute!

We cut out leaves on white construction paper, and then gave the students fall colored tempera paint and sponges. We let them sponge away, and they turned out so great! It really gave our room a "fall" feel!
Whats Halloween with out a few creepy crawly (and flying) creatures? So we created adorable spiders and bats! For the spider we simply cut out an oval (which is our shape of the month) and then strips of black construction paper. We folded the legs to make them crinkled, and added two googly eyes. When we were done we punched a hole and hung them with white yarn so it looks like thy are hanging from a spider web around our room!

Lets give the students a "hand" for their bat creations! That's exactly what they did! We made this a two day project. The first day we simply traced their hands on black construction paper. That night I cut them out and the following day they attached them to their bat faces, added the eyes, and a scary smile! They have been flapping around our room for a week or two now!

These leaves (the colorful ones) are so beautiful! I cut out the black outline on black construction paper, and then put it down on contact paper. I let the kids put different fall colored tissue in the middle. Once they were completely covered, I placed another piece of contact paper on the back. (so that it was completely laminated) I cut around the edges (since some stray pieces of tissue paper landed on the outside) and hung them on the windows! They look like beautiful fall stain glass windows!!! Below is a picture of three of our windows facing the street (so everyone can see our pretty decorations!) It looks so pretty when we open the windows after nap time, and all the sun and colors drift into our room! (There is the bee I created for our window as well, he is our mascot!)

Hope you enjoyed all our artwork (I'll add more as we go!) WE would love any suggestions or ideas that you may have! What kind of things are you doing for fall? Have you done anything cute in the past, that you'd like to share? We love ideas in our classroom!!!! Thanks in advance!



Lori said...

Oh honey you truely are in your element. You are so amazing with your talent in the arts. I have said this to you and everyone since before you were even 1! And add to this, how simply wonderful you are with children of all ages and what a good mommy you are. Perfect. I am so proud of you but you already know that but just need to say that just in case you forget :) Love you to the moon and back....XXOO

PS I am feeling a little better so am attempting to go to work today. It's Cindy's birthday so want to make her feel special today!

~Tom~ said...

How cute is that? I love the ideas and may steal a couple to make with my daughter. She loves Decorating for Halloween. Last year we made our own spiders for the big web outside. We bought styrofoam eggs and cut them in half length wise, painted them black, and made legs from black pipe cleaners. It was fun.