Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today was one of those days that you wish you could scratch out of your life completely!

It started off great, I love going into work, and I get there just in time for nap time (until I start normal school hours on Monday!) so I have time to chit-chat with my girlfriends at work. I felt fine. Great actually. Normal girl time gossip, and one of my co-workers bought me lunch. As I was sitting there, my stomach started to "gurgle". I tried to forget about it, but soon needed a "potty break". You get the point......

An hour later, I was rushing into the little kids potty room to throw up. I threw up for fifteen minutes. Still feeling gross, I called up front for reinforcements. Another hour later, I was finally free to go home! Ugh. I am sure I got sick from school, or maybe it was the bad tuna. So I guess I'm not sure.

Long story short...... GROSS!!!!

Luckily the day can be saved at 10/9c on LIFETIME, where my favorites and coveted show will be premiering!!!! PROJECT RUNWAY BABY!!!!

I have had a count down on my phone for over three months! I'm almost as excited as I am for New Moon.... BUT that's a whole other blog :)!

Btw I promise my next blog will not include throwing up or "potty breaks"! (or at least I hope not!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

enjoy your show... bad tuna? NOT fun.

Lori said...

Oh honey...hope you feel better by tomorrow. XXXOOO