Monday, July 20, 2009


Aidyn has a new phrase... and trust, you, me.... its not on my top list of favorites. Here's how it started.

Friday morning we were laying in bed, when he woke up crying... "I WANT BREAKFAST!"

I replied half asleep "Okay, do you want some yogurt?" (its his favorite breakfast!)

and in the same angry scream as before he screams: "I NO WANT YOGURT E V E R, mom, EVERRRRRRRRR!!!"

I told him to settle down, and by the time we got down stairs he did indeed want his yogurt. I thought we were over all that... but an hour later....

"Aidyn do you want to watch Sponge Bob while mom takes a shower?"

"NO watch Sponge Bob EVER!!! MOUSE MOOBIE!!!!" he screams again in the same whiny voice.

(now it was starting to get on my nerves.

As I was pulling out my uniform for work, Aidyn stuck his hand on the bottom drawer. I didn't notice his little hand, and the drawer fell on it for a second. I am sure it hurt, but he then proceeds to scream at me...


That did it. I couldn't handle it anymore.

I said: "Aidyn, listen to me... Mommy knows you are hurt, but you can not talk to Mommy like that anymore or you will get a time out or a spank."

BUT.. do you know what he said...?

"NO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT... EVER! EVER!!!! " (But you saw that coming, right?!")

Of course he got a spank (I should have had patience for a time out, but he pushed my buttons!) and the "ever" has continued, but is starting to go away.. (HOPEFULLY!) I don't mind messes, being wild, and jumping on the bed, BUT I hate back talk. I hope we don't have any more "EVER" spells this week, but I'm not holding my breath!


Busy Bee Suz said...

With little ones, it is just one behavior after another...usually not good ones either. Good luck!