Friday, July 24, 2009

and we're off!

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, dont know when i'll be back again. "(actually I have to be back by the 4th of August!) - Singing in bravado loudly through out my home.

I am so excited for my trip that I could just scream! If you want proof you can check out my most recent facebook updates.... (all from this week.. oldest to newest)

"A week and counting until i'm back home for vacation! Hip-hip Horray!"

"Who is up for a Twins game when I come home?!"

"This week can't go fast enough! EEEE!"

"I feel like a kid waiting for chirstmas... no wonder I can't sleep!"

"2 more days. 2 more days. 2 more days. hey-hey-hey-hey!"

"1 half day of work. 2 suitcases to pack. 3am trip to the airport. 4 a wonderful vacation that I am SOOO excited about!"

"let us jet set. we'll be like the jetsons. I'll be like jane your wife. Shall you mary jane tonight?"

"Hours until I'm with my family and friends in Minnesota! Yipee Skipee!"

So...can you tell that i'm 100% excited?!?! Yes.. I'm thrilled. I think I change it every few hours. Plus I'm so thankful for FB because now I have all sorts of wonderful plans with wonderful people. :) It should be a fun filled ten days! I will make sure to make time for all of you and blog away about all my fun. (with lots of pictures!!!!!!!!) So I better get off to my to do list!!!!! I haven't even started to pack! Not even started. Not one thing. I know all you pre-planner-ocd packers.. I'm sure you are having panic attacks for me.. but since I am not planning on sleeping tonight, i should be able to get it all done. :) PLUS I am only going to Minnesota :) So I don't have to bring my ball gowns or stilettos! So i'm off to throw my jeans and sweat shirts into a bag and i'll be on my way. I'll write when I get another second!!!!! :) Hope your weekend is as wonderful and eventful as mine!

Hugs from FL
-ms britt