Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time with FB!

Finally I got time with my Florida Buddy again! It was much needed. We both have so much going on that when it worked out for both of us (and I found a babysitter) to be able to go out, we both jumped on it. We went to a movie (transformers) and out for drinks and dinner. It was really nice. :) She is good for my soul! I know that I couldnt have gotten through the two months without Aidyn, if she hadn't been in my life.. and i'm pretty sure FL wouldn't have been the same either! I am so thankful for her and our time together :)

Plus Transformers was pretty awesome too :)

AND.. you know me, it wouldn't be official if I didnt take a picture! Heres my fave of the night!


Lori said... girls look so cute and happy! Glad you had some girl time! XXXOOO

Debbie said...

Great photo. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

twyla myrin said...

britt, you look beautiful!!