Saturday, June 27, 2009


Aidyn loves all his cousins. They are, to say the least, his best friends. Sadly all, but one live in the midwest. He talks about them often, and it breaks my heart that he can't see them more. So last week when Aidyn got to see his oldest cousin Rayna it was really nice. They had a blast in the ocean, she dressed him up as a girl and had a fashion show (lol), they took a bath, danced around the living room, and all around had a great time. I think Ray thought she was babysitting, but I know that Aidyn ate it all up. He LOVES "my rayna" (which is what he calls her) So I Thought I would add pictures of the happy little cousin couple from last weekend! :) They are too cute not to share. More to come next weekend since they will be coming down to spend the fourth of July with us! (yay!) Enjoy... :)

Ray, Aidyn, and Grandpa Art celebrating Fathers Day

Rayna and Aidyn (I dont know why Aidyn wouldnt smile!)

Ray's handy work.. lol, you cant see the pony tails, but he really did look like a girl! :)
(kept his Nikes on though!)