Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten things I"m happy about at this very moment.

1) My new bowl that I bought at Goodwill to keep my bracelets in. ($2.99 and its perfect!)

2) Organization! I organized my entire bathroom! (hip hip... HORRAY!)

3) That theres only a month until I get my boogie back!

4) That I just got done talking to my boogie!

5) That I have Friday off from work.. Which means that today is really like a wednesday! yay! hump day is over for me!

6) That I had really yummy chinese food for supper! (and lunch.. since I ate leftovers for supper!)

7) My apple candles from Ikea (thanks mom!)

8) That I'm going to Miami with Ms. Cha Cha this weekend!

9) That I get to see my niece dance in her dance recital AND go to her b-day party! Happy birthday princess!

10) That I have time to relax, light candles, and lay in bed :) EEEE!!!!

I was missing boogie, and getting depressed so I decided that I needed to cheer up and write a post about everything i'm happy about! I'm feeling better already and hey... ITS CHEAPER THEN THEREAPY! :)

*brag fest! Check out my organization.. and my room! lol My room is a work in progress! I wasn't able to bring all my decorations from MN yet, since I have been moving via airplane luggage, but i'm dealin with what I got.. check out my digs!*

Hugs and kisses from FL

-Ms. Britt


Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your list...very sweet.
The organization stuff...that really is what I live for!!!
One month??? Yeah for you.

Lori said...

I'm glad that you finding things to be happy about. I miss you with all my heart! Love you....XXXXOOOO