Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*shrilled scream here*

So yesterday was a big relief.. I did my taxes... I was supposed to be getting a big refund... I was very thrilled to be paying most of my bills off... It was an excellent night sleep...

THEN BAM! everything changes. I get a call from my accountant telling me that my e-file was rejected by the IRS. Then I was given a number to call. Here it turns out my sons father claimed him on his taxes! WTF?!?!

So I called my ex in a half panic mode. Being as he did not have custody of Aidyn until 09' (just a few months ago) When he was given JOINT custody with me as the legal guardian, and him with 50% joint but me as the custodial parent. MEANING I get to claim him... I was the one that paid all his bills, and he lived with.. NOT HIM! Well I was IRATE! He tried to make it my fault. I yelled.. he yelled. It was bad, to say the least. Plus I was at work. Luckily they gave me a empty room and time to vent and cry.

Eventually we hung up on each other, and he refused to take any of my phone calls. I researched it online, and figured out what I needed to do. Then about an hour ago he answered... We talked.. things are pretty much resolved. I am now sending over all my tax information to his accountant to look at. His accountant is then going to file my taxes for me, with all the correct info, and amend his taxes (that have already been sent in.. and his refund given) and fix it all so that I get my refund back....

It still sucks, since I could REALLY use that money right now.. (grr) but the one thing i've realized is that life is never easy. That life some times just sucks.. and that even if you're doing the right thing.. life just isnt fair. Its a hard pill to swallow.. but sometimes you just have to take it, and pray for the best outcome. I just pray that everything works out the way its supposed to!

BUT NEXT YEAR... I'm fileing the first day... not the last!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I can see how this would make you loco!!! I hope it all works out for you...and soon!

HeatherPride said...

What a jerk. He knew what he was doing when he did that. I'd have been mad too! Glad you worked things out, and here's to a speedy delivery on your check!!

Anonymous said...

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