Friday, March 20, 2009

ohh kids!

Why I love my job...

Example 1.
Set the scene: I'm out on the playground with my seniors (the 4 year olds) waiting for their parents to come and snatch them up.

Me: Hey "N" how are you?
N: Good. I'm going on cwuse. (cruise.. said with missing teeth)
ME: Really? I wanna come!
N: Ya, and its gonna be willy (really) fun. Cuz last time I won a dance contest!
Me: Wow. Are you in dance?
N: Yup. I go to dance class on days that there is no school.
Me: Cool. Where is your dance class.
N: Well... (she thinks) you take a right.. then a left. You go past "booger" king and then its at the big buildin'.
Me: (giggles and gives her a hug)

"BOOGER KING!!!" makes me laugh!

Example 2:
Set the scene: Again with the seniors, only this time its right after nap time.

Me: Hey Logie (his nickname).
Logie: Hey ms Britt. (he smiles sweetly) I like you.
Me: I like you too logie.
(a mother enters the classroom)
Logie: But I like Miss C too.
(he runs to her and gives her a big hug...)
Me: *sigh* (how easy i am forgotten)

Example 3:
Set the scene: Again (yes again..) with the seniors. Same room.. approximately the same time. This time i'm talking to "J" a 4 year old girl, who approached me after Logie ran away.

J: So is it true that you married "L" (logie)?
Me: (smiles... having no clue what shes talking about.) Yup (sure i'll go along with it!)
J: Really? So does he go home with you then?
Me: Well.. what do you think? He is my husband isnt he?
J: Hey "L" you go home with Ms Britt?
L: No! I'm going home with my auntie today!
Me: So does that mean you're not cleaning my toilet?
L: ew.

Whats the use in having a husband If I cant put him to work? I guess thats what I get for marrying the same guy I helped marry on the playground last week. I think this little player has at least 5 wives. (hmm.... I might have to let his parents in on this. lol)

There are plenty more where that came from. I just LOVE listenign to them talk. They have such HUGE imaginations... They just stopped calling me "miss battgirl" and who knows what they'll start calling me next week. I love their adventures :) Plus I get a kick out of their antics! Man I was born for this job!

p.s. Cant wait for Aidyn to be this age... okay yes I can! :)


Lori said...

Too cute! Oh believe me, you can wait until Aidyn is that age.

Busy Bee Suz said...

How sweet...I love it too when they don't use the correct words. Once they figure it out...not so cute anymore. :)