Thursday, March 19, 2009

o2b so blessed!

Since I realized I have been such a "Downer" in my blogging lately, I decided it is time cheer up this page :) and tell you all about some of the wonderful things going on in my life.. because there are LOTS of things that are going SOOO good. (WITH PICTURES!)

A) I have the most AHHH-MAZ-ING job. I work at a preschool and I love it. The kids are wonderful (well most of them anyways) and my co-workers are priceless. My director told me something when I was hired that has stuck with me. She said "Brittany, if I cant make this the best job you've ever had, then i'm not doing my job." At first I thought it was just one of the one liners, the directors are told to say, but I was (happily) mistaken! Every day my director comes to work with a smile on her face. She encourages me every single day, and makes me excited and proud of my job. Yesterday night, she warmed my heart by announcing at our staff meeting that I was a star employee for the month. Just being acknowledged is more then I can say about some of my previous employers. I put my heart into my job, and I hope it shows. I am so glad that others can see it too! The teachers that work at my school are terrific. Each and every single stinkin one! They have so many talents, and our students are so lucky to be able to be surrounded by people who love them, and care about their futures.

B) Adding to A) I have great co-workers that are becoming great friends. I have always had friends. I dont really have trouble finding friends. I am an outgoing person, but for the last few years, I havent lived near my best friends. I had been missing the comradaree of just spending time with a bunch of fun friends. Going out to a bar to have a drink, cooking out, sitting around laughing, catching a movie. All the fun stuff I did with my girl friends in high school. WELL :) I found it at my job. Everyone is so fun, and get a few drinks in them, and they are hilarious. I was so excited when they included me when I first started. Now I am just happy they still let me tag along. It feels great to be apart of a group again. I am hopeing that they can keep me busy enough that I dont spend the entire next two months with my head under a pillow crying. We have a camping trip planned, some scrap booking, and few ball games that I want to attend... SO as much as I'll miss mister Aidyn man, I am looking forward to being able to be a "21 year old single woman" not a "21 single mother" (well okay, so i'll always be a mother.. but you know what I mean!)

C) I have had the opportunity to work on some artwork. I have in the past done a few cartoons for my niece and nephew, my son, and for some of my clients at my last job, but really I havent had a chance to grow or shine artisticly. Working at the preschool I have had all sorts of chances. I have done a dora, a diego, a bee, a leprechan, and the list is growing. Since we are having an international night, where all the classrooms are different countries, all the teachers are putting in requests. My classroom is doing Italy. At first I wasnt too excited, but now i'm thrilled. I have planned lots of exciting things. Were doing grape stomping, drinking sparkling grape juice, eating pastas and pizzas. I am going to paint a leaning tower of pisa, and the colloseum. I'm also going to do a vineyard, and a gondela. I am going to have my students make flags (well the ones that can!) and olympic style leaf hats. (the old roman olympia kind)... anyways I am getting more excited. I plan to really throw myself into my job and my artwork while my little man is away.

D) I get to see my family. YIPEE!!! I am heading to Minnesota in a week! I CAN NOT WAIT to wrap my arms around my mommy. I am so happy to be able to spend time with her and my niece and nephew! YAY!!!!!!!!!

E) I am so blessed to have such WONDERFUL family down in FL. Between my Step mom and my step sister, I dont know who Aidyn loves more. They are so good to him, and he is crazy about them. "memaw and kitty" (katie) is what he calls them! I know they will be missing eachother like crazy when he's gone! My little brother is my best friend. We spend nights laying on his bed talking, or watching American Idol (because I make him). He has been such a great help with Aidyn and I couldnt ask for a better uncle. He helped to make the transition flawless. Add to all that my Dad and it makes it all the better. I am, and always will be a daddys little girl!

Well anyways, there are so many other joys, but since its getting late, and I have to go to my wonderful job tomorrow morning I best be getting off the computer.. but I just thought I should share some of the wonderful happenings in my life! What are yours? Thank God for the happiness he brings you. Its easy for me to wallow in self pitty, but I am so glad (with a smile on my face now) that I have reflected on all the good he has brought into my life :) Praise Jesus!

-Ms. Britt


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is so good to hear you have some good stuff going on....having a great job, with great people??? YOU are so blessed. And you know it. Keep up the good your art work. I am really good at drawing too....stick people. Ok, not good at that either.
So happy you will get to see your Mom....have a great day.

Lori said...

I'm glad that you are choosing to look at the good in your life and I hope you have thought about some of the things I talked to you about the other night. Make a list and then start acting on them! Love and hugs!