Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm not sure what this post is going to be about. My emotions have been a mish mash lately. I am thrilled for Aidyn to see his father. At least once a day, I get an excited phone call from "daddy" practicly squeeling with excitement. He cant wait to see our boog again. I know Aidyns face will light up when he see's him. I found out today that his dad took off work sunday, so that i'll be able to bring Aidyn directly to him. I am excited to see that special moment between them :) It will be heart ache for me, but their excitement will also be a blessing for my heart.

Today is Aidyns last day in Florida, well for now. The thought makes me pretty sad. Today was my last day for two months coming home to his smiling face... Today when he was dropping me off at work with memaw.. it was the cutest :) This is how it went:

we were driving up to my purple building.. which he knows as my work.. and..

Aidyn: ITS MY MOMMYS WORK!!! (his mommys work.. no other mommys work!)
Me: You're right!
Me: yup, you better be a good boy for me-maw!
Aidyn: Yup. (then he pointed at his lips) my kiss!

He remembered that every day I go around to his car seat and give him a kiss. He thought I was going to forget :) He wanted his kiss!

Me: (after I gave him his kiss) Theres your kiss! Have a good day with Me-Maw!
Aidyn: HAVE A GOOD DAY AT WORK MOMMY! (yes I have to capitalize it because he says it with SUCH excitement!!!)

It just makes my day to see how much he loves me.. and boy do I love him to! I'll miss my send off's to work! Nothing starts a day better then his face!


So tonight were having a little mommy-aidyn party. We have the house to ourselves and so far we have played cards (well sort of. .we just sorta messed them up), had a dance party, eaten pizza, looked at pictures on the computer, and now were waiting for Uncle Jason to take us to get ice cream. I still havent packed for our trip, but I am going to wait til he's sleeping. I'm not bringing much with me, since I want to bring a lot back with me. I am SUPER excited for our trip! I hope Aidyn does good on the plane. :) PRAY FOR US! It'll be a weekend of mixed emotions. I am going to pray that God lays his hands all over me.. I pray that he allows me to grieve over leaving him, but rejoice in being able to love him :)! I am just thankful he has a father that wants to be apart of his life, and loves him as much as I do! (and thats a lot )

I'll write more once I make it to Minnesota :)
Hugs and Kisses from FLORIDA :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, such sweet moments you have with each other. You are so lucky and you will be lucky when you have them again....but he will have learned some new stuff too that will also bring you much joy.
Sending prayers and hugs for a nice trip. Take care,