Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fake cry.

So, on occassion when Aidyn wont kiss me when I ask him to, I do a "fake cry". Where I cover my face and pretend to cry until he holds my face in his hand and kisses me. He says "mama k? mama k?" Its incredibly precious...

Well today it went like this:

me: Aidyn can I have a kiss?
Aidyn: "nope!" (just like that.)
me: Please?!?! (begging!)
Aidyn: No.
me: wahhhhhhh! (putting on the fake waterworks)
Aidyn: mama k? (kisses me)

He furrows his brow, looks up at me, and pouts out his lips (just like I do!) and FAKE CRIES! He does this until I tickle him, and we collapse on the couch in a laughing fit. It cracked me up SOOOO much! Now he'll do it just to make me laugh! I do believe that I have a actor on my hands :)

HEY, HE'S CUTE ENOUGH :)! He's definetly my leading man! This is the fake pout look that was caught on camera a few weeks ago :) (thanks to my brother girlfriend for finally catching "the look")


Lori said...

That's my boy. I'd be rich if I got a dollar for every time he has looked at me like that. Can't wait to kiss those cheeks and chase him around!

Busy Bee Suz said...

so cute. I still do the fake cry. is that bad?? :)