Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catch up time!

WOW! Its been ages.

So much has changed, happened, and all of you are so out of touch with my life. I apologize! I am sure you have been fretting, and wondering about me (ha) in apsolute torture over me not posting, so I decided it was about darn time that I update you.. So here goes nothing!!!!

I officialy moved to Florida. Wait I think that deserves some -!!!!!!!!!- so.. "I OFFICIALLY MOVED TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!" On a whim, I made the move, and I couldnt be happier. Sure, I miss my mom, and the rest of my family in MN as well as all my new friends (who are like family) in NE, but life is wonderful here.
Its not like you'd think though. There are few palm tree's where I live, and we dont live near (or even close) to an Ocean. The average temps have ranged from 60-70 degrees (even getting down into the 3o's!!!). I thought it was going to be like a tropical oasis, but I was sadly mistaken. It feels a lot like Minnesota in the spring time. (which is one of my favorite seasons!!!)

I got a new job as a preschool teacher, and I am loving it. My kids are so wonderful. I look forward to going to work just to be around them. There silly smiling faces make my day. I really am following in my mothers foot steps :)

Aidyn man is getting so big. He is funny and talking SO much. He sings songs, and tries to say his alphabet and count. I cant believe that in less then a month he is going to be two years old. It seems like yesterday I was just finding out I was going to be a mother. I am so incredibly lucky to be blessed with my little mister. He is beautiful with big full lips, and perfect blue eyes. His complection is ideal, and his smile brightens anyones day. He is so careing, and sweet. If I cough or sneeze he is quick to say "Mama k?" and pats my back. He is the man of the house! He loves florida. Mostly because he can go outside with out a winter jacket, mittons, hats, and snow boots! We just throw on some shoes and go. We kick balls, pick up pine cones, and chase the kitty. He loves to explore and see new things. He is really settling in here!

I am hopefuly going to be able to visit MN at the end of the month, when I bring Aidyn man to his dads. It'll be so nice to see my family, and my friends! I miss them all (you) so much! It'll be nice to celebrate Aidyns birthday with his cousins and everyone that loves him, and has watched him grow! So cross your fingers that it all works out.

Things are good here, and I am so thankful for all your prayers. Hopefuly things will continue to go good, and our lives here will continue to grow. I'll try and write more consistantly. I have lots more to write and tell you all, but i'll save that for another day.. In the mean time here are some pics:) Enjoy!!!!


Lori said...

I miss the two of you more than you could possibly know. I love these pictures of my little love bug. I love you honey! Give my little man hugs and kisses....XXXXXXOOOOO