Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From the mouth of babes...

okay not these babes.....


these ones :)

story #1.

My nephew.. (3 years old)

me: "what did you ask santa for christmas?"

nephew: "An alarm clock"

me: "why an alarm clock?"

nephew: "So I know what time it is!" (OF COURSE!)

My nephew (again) after he got his alarm clock (early) for christmas.
me: "Now that you got an alarm clock, what do you want for christmas?"
nephew: "Well.... a bob cat."
Me: "I think a bob cat is pretty big, what else do you want?"
nephew: "Well... I think a snow plow!"
I love listening to them talk.. there are so many more, that I wish I could share, but they just arent nearly as cute, if you cant hear there voice.. or the stories around them. I love these little guys! They melt my heart!