Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Shirt!

This is Aidyns big "Golden" birthday year! He is turning three in a couple of weeks. His birthday party will be held on the 27th (yay!). I am trying to pull all the little details together. I have lots of ideas, and now I just need to put them all together to make the day super special for Aidyn.

After searching.. and searching.. and SEARCHING on Etsy for a birthday shirt, I found it! The perfect shirt for Aidyn man. Since he wanted a "Choo-choo" party, I decided on a train t'. Look at what I found:

How cute is this? Plus its made by a SAHM! How great that not only do I get a super cute shirt, but i'm supporting a mom like myself! :) All of her shirts are adorable! She is doing Aidyn's shirt right away so it can be in the mail by this weekend! (how sweet!) I'll be sure to get LOTS and LOTS of pictures of him in it! :)

If you want to purchase your own shirt (birthday or not) you can check her out at: Sweet 3 Leaf Prints!


Busy Bee Suz said...

That shirt is adorable. And YOU are the sweetest for getting it for little man AND for supporting other Moms.

Brittany said...

That shirt is adorable! It will look great at his birthday party :-) I bet he's so excited!

Blogs said...

Oh that's just darling! that is too cute:)

Elizabeth said...

What a fun idea!!! :-)

Kit Kat said...

Love this!
Isn't etsy great?! I wish I could just buy everything on there. I am considering selling homemade books on etsy when I am done with school and have more time to spend on them... You should consider putting up some of you art!
can't wait to see your little man in it!

Soccer Balls & Showbiz Calls said...

I adore that shirt. I always try to buy matching shirts for my kids to wear to the party that matches their theme. Adorable. Love that the number is on there too. CUTE