Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Since one of my devoted readers subtly reminded me that I hadn't written in a while, I thought I'd take time out of my busy day, to write all of you an update :) (thanks Dennis!)

I have officially been living in Omaha, almost a month. I'd have to say all and all its not too bad. Its been an adventure to put it lightly. My apartment is currently a disaster, filled with boxes, clothes yet to be put away in my dresser, and pictures yet to be hung. I thought I would be more organized then I am, but with 50 hour work weeks, Aidyn, and trying to fit in "me" time its been hard to get much done. I'm sure that this is a load of crap, that I'm feeding you... as well as me! excuses by the spoon full, but do me a favor and pity me anyways! :)

So... I got a dog... his name is Jaxson. Then I got rid of this dog Jaxson, because I am not ready for a dog. I think its funny, how I am a good mother, I can handle the poop, I can handle the crying, I can be patient with him from sun up til sun down, but when it came to that hairy little poochie I just couldn't do it. He pooped EVERYWHERE.... I came home one day from work to find the main bathroom tore to shreds. Toilet paper shreds everywhere, poop smeared all over the floor, the smell of urine flooded my nose in one big sweep. (gag!) It was one of the dun dun dun dun dun dun (jaws music-horror movie music) sounds that rang in my ears. I felt like one of those cartoons who turned bright red and steam shot out of my ears, my nose, and the top of my head! I decided then in there, this dog has got to go! After working a ten hour day, the last thing I want to deal with is this "shit"... pun totally intended! So now I'm pet-less again and happier for it. Plus my friend Colten is his new adopted dad, and is much better with him, then I ever was! Congrats papa colten on your new hairy-pooping-peeing baby! :)

I have an incredibly eccentric roommate (and R if you read this, i mean this in the highest regards) he practices the pagan religion, and since i've been there i've learned a lot in this regards. To be completely honest it scares the shit out of me, BUT slowly i'm coming to understand a little at a time. One day I came home to blood writing on my bathroom mirror... He says its evil spirits that did it, I said "give me the friggen windex!" I don't care about evil spirits, I know someone bigger, that can kick that evil spirits booty! THANK YOU GOD :) I know that he's stronger then anything and he will keep me and Aidyn safe. My roommate "R" is a super nice guy, and we have had some really great talks! He also is great at giving me fashion advice or just telling me I look good before I go out! Everyone needs some morale boosts from time to time :)!

I'm really loving Omaha so far.. I love my apartment, my job (even if like days like today i want to pull my hair out of my head, cowboy it up, and tie these girls together and say "LISTEN HERE LITTLE LADIES ITS TIME TO SHAPE UP AND DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!!!! OR ELSE!!!"....) and all the fun things there is to do here. I have met some really great, cookie, funny, wonderful people since i've been here... :) I can honestly say, that as much as I miss everyone in Minnesota.. Its bearable. I think about you all often, I keep you in my prayers and love you all so very much.. but Omaha still feels like the place for me :) I am lucky to have my family who supports me, calls to check up on me, and has helped me out financially (thanks mom and gerry!) I am truly blessed...

But now its back to the battle fields. I get to go tend to my two teenage "daughters" in my group home... and let me tell you after working here, I can do anything! Keeping you all in my prayers, call me soon and i'll update you more! Pictures to come :)

p.s. aidyns teething (getting his molars..) but good :) pray for him as well! He is such a blast to be around, and is truly the love of my life!