Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another one bites the dust....

Things didn't really work out with Mr.Halloween.

We texted and talked for a few days after our date...

then nothing..

Sort of faded.

I texted him on Sunday and he responded although we were both fairly vague.

He was at the gym so I told him I'd call him after my MK meeting..

I did, and we spoke for about ten minutes.

Nothing special.

The conversation seemed forced.

I guess without alcohol in the mix, we didn't have much to say.

In the mean time there was another man at the party who got my attention.

He and I chatted a bit while he poured me a drink.

I asked my friend about him this week and she was fairly excited about it all.

She asked him what he thought about me.

He didn't remember my name (which didn't surprise me.. lots of alcohol was involved) but he did remember "Snow White".

He was definitely game for a double date!

We haven't spoken, but my friend is playing the in-between.

He wanted to get together this weekend, but I am busy with work all weekend.

I'm hoping sometime next week!

The one thing I have realized through out all this is that there are other fish in the sea.

There is NO reason to force something that isn't there.

I wish I had a funny anecdote about Mr. Halloween, but honest I don't.

He was a great guy, and I wish him well.

Some times things just aren't meant to be..

and guess what?

I'm TOTALLY okay with that :))


Aimee said...

There are lots of fish in the sea. You are 100% right about that. And good job on not forcing things. Because its mot worth it if its forced.

jules said...

There are ALWAYS other fish in the sea! So let us know all about them!!! :-)

Tutus N' Trucks said...

You're beautiful! You will meet plenty of fish =)

Unknown said...

YAY!! lol

jasmine said...

Good for you!

Design It Chic said...

I just found you on For the Love of Blogs and i like your little blog here! I am now following you and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
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Miss Chelsea said...

Ok so this may seem sappy, but in the year-twoish years that I've been reading your blog your whole outlook on dating/love has completely changed! It makes me so happy to see =) You're so right lady, there are plenty of other fish!

Nancy said...

I am a new follower please follow me back

Bree said...

Well you've got the right attitude! Hope the double date is fun!

Jumble Mash said...

Good for you!! Dating is seriously scary as Hell. I think its awesome that you realized that you and Mr. Halloween were just not clicking and said the Hell with it...let's try for Mr. Halloween #2. Keep us posted!

Renee said...

I think the best way to meet "the one" is to meet the wrong ones first. I know that sounds terrible, but I mean it in a good way. Have fun & go on dates - even if they end up just being ok like Mr. Halloween. Lots of women just buy cats because they aren't brave enough to try. Lol!

Rebekah said...

You're right! It shoudn't be forced! God's timing is perfect!

Busy Bee Suz said...

There is more ocean than land. That equals lots of cute fishies. :)

Rebecca said...

well if at first you don't succeed try again

Jessica said...

Sorry it's kinda fizzling, you'll find another great guy!

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

tons of fish!