Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Push play... you know you want to :)

Aren't you super-de duper excited now? Yes, I know how silly and ridiculous I sound. Blame it on my Minnesota roots. Blame it on the fact that I taped it at nearly 10:00 p.m last night. Blame it on the fact that I just had a super yummy meal with my male pal Bradley! (he cooked me yummy-sleepy food: Chicken, potatoes, and stuffing! mmmm *yawn* NOT ON MY DIET!) okay okay.. there is no excuse, but you can forgive me right?

Right! Because... I am going to give you something for free!

So now you want to know how to win right?

1. Entry for following :)

1. Entry for telling me how beautiful I am. Feel free to say so in your own words. (kidding.. kind of!) Actually just any old comment will get you an entry!

2. Entries for blogging about it, and letting me know! :)

separate comments for each!

SO besides the 30 day shred dvd, there will also be some surprise goodies! Excited yet? I bet! Ya'll totally deserve it, just for viewing that video! Poor you! :) (ha!)

GOOD LUCK LADIES AND GENTS! Giveaway ends Friday at noon/12pm! (ct/stand time)

P.s. uploading these videos to blogger sucks! BOOO!


Rathi said...

I am never excited about give aways but since there is a point about telling you how beautiful you are- I would say that you are beautiful because you are single mom and one who has put it forward with so much pride and honesty. All of your pics show that. I want to be a single mother myself. Adoption for me. And so i try to hold onto every one who has been through it. It gives me hope and confidence. And when i stumbled across your blog- I knew i would stick up here after "I am a proud single mother...." So here i am. So you are beautiful!

Courtney said...

I am following you!!

Courtney said...

you are really beautiful! :) Gotta represent for the brunnettes!

Courtney said...

I blogged about the giveaway! :) I'd realllly love the 30 Day Shred! I'm starting my diet in 2 weeks and would love it :)

Stacey-Lou said...

love love love it!
and of course you are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Your adorable, and I love your cute voice and mouth and teeth.... OK' is that weird to say? HA!

EnTER ME... I have heard great things about the shred.. and am ready to give it a go. It will help me on my weight loss journey as I am donw 31 lbs.. and want to loose 15more. Jenn

Megan Ashley said...

Great giveaway! You are beautiful because you are a fellow MN mommy :) I would love to win this!

Chelsea said...

Heeey pretty lady!! Haha =)
I've heard SO many people talking about 30 day shred lately... I'd love to try it! Especially since I have a pending beach vacay (eeks)

so... pick me!

gram said...

we all love give aways!!! it was cool to see you on the vidio also!! weird to see you talk and everything.....i liked it!
so anyway, good luck with your give away, enjoy your blog, (miss l)
cool, i've entered the contest!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so darn cute. I loved hearing your voice!!!!!
I am not a big fan of giveaways...I really just like reading/writing blogs. But Here I am...commenting away!!!
Your dinner last night sounds yummilicious.

tara said...

woohoo!! love the vlog! i need to do one soon!


i think you're B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!! :)

tara said...

and i'm following, DUH!

Brittany said...

Oh Brittany, you are just too darn cute! Seriously. I loved this lol.

Brittany said...

You KNOWWWW I'm a follower! What kind of question is that?!

Juliana said...

You know I follow you! You are beautiful both inside and out. This is a great giveaway and freaking A...even your vlog was beautiful!

~Tom~ said...

Well now just how cute is that? I give you credit. I have thought about vlogging a few times but just never seem to get around to it. I will have to see about changing that.

I had to chuckle when you pointed down to the details. Thanks for sharing.

by the way, you are just as bubbly as I figured you would be. Love it.

Sarah Ann said...

I'm entering! I follow!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun giveaway. YOu are too cute.
I am shredding right now too. Big pain and fun.