Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend fun!

This weekend we spent Saturday with our friend "E"! "E" is my brothers ex-girlfriend, and best buddy to Aidyn. They are inseparable when they are together. She invited us to the Medieval fair and we could not turn it down! We had a wonderful day together. Aidyn-man got his face painted, rode a pony, we watched a few shows (Aidyn loved the dancing ladies), ate lots of yummy food, took lots of pictures, and YEP- we rode an ELEPHANT! (The only picture from our camera of the elephant is the last one.. we bought a Polaroid but its very blurred.. booo!)
It was one of the FL days i'll never forget! :) Thank you "E" for such a wonderful day! You are a very special part of our life, and you are a very special girl!!!!
I am still making such beautiful memories here in FL. :) Thank you to all my wonderful friends that are helping to make these last few days amazing! I AM BLESSED!


Brittany said...

Aww. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend and so much fun! Aidyn's little shoes are adorable by the way lol.

P.S - I left you a little something on my blog the other day :) Go & look!

Elizabeth said...

I love all the photos of you and and SWEET boy... glad you had a nice weekend! :-)

MrsKraft said...

I SO miss the Renaissance Festivals in Florida!!! And who on earth could pass up a chance to ride an elephant!!! Great photos, too, by the way.

twyla myrin said...

talk about the cutest man on the face of the earth!!!!
i can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!

~Tom~ said...

All I can say is, you sure make being a kid fun!