Friday, February 5, 2010

A little dose of "happy"

Soon you will all be given an ample amount of whine, but before that I decided to give you a little dose of happy. Since my favorite posts to write are about the conversations I have with Aidyn-man (and I'm sure they are your favorite to read!) I decided that would do the trick! So here ya go a little dose of "Happy":

Mommy: So guess what?
Aidyn: (looks at me....)
Mommy: So do you want to go live by Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa?
Aidyn: And you come too?
Mommy: Yes, mommy is coming too. We are going to go stay with Grandma Lori for a bit and you can see J and N.
Aidyn: Yipppeeee! (jumps on the bed.. because well.. that's what you do when you're 2 and excited!)
Mommy: Are you excited or what?!
Aidyn: Yes... but.. but you gonna come with too?
Mommy: Yes, Mommy is coming with too!
Aidyn: Good. Cuz mommy... (pause) You're my best friend! :)

Talk about fill my love bucket up! Talk about kiss those cheeks until they fall off! Talk about love to the ultra max! I am by far the luckiest mommy in the world. I know that the next few weeks will be tough.. but we'll get through it! We are resilient... we are strong... AND we are BEST FRIENDS!


Busy Bee Suz said...

He is a special little man!!

MrsKraft said...

The Midwest needs more creativity! Just bring your's awfully cold up here!
Good luck with your move!!

Pria said...

Hiiiii Brittany this post and your bundle of joy Aidyn ..i cant believe he called u best friend ..
dats the sweetest most adorable thing ..m all fuzzy !!
cant wait to