Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Aidyns sick. I'm sick. YUCK!

Literally my WHOLE school is sick. I don't know what we've caught, but I am starting to feel MISERABLE! Aidyn has a 101.5 temp, and he's acting all sorts of out of it! We are going to bed early tonight. Hopefully we'll be back to normal soon, but until then we may have to call in sick tomorrow! No work, no school, just sleep! We'll see what the cards have in store for us!

Keep us in your prayers tonight!

Can't wait to catch up on your blogs tomorrow!


~Tom~ said...

Awww.....feel better you two!

Homemaker Man said...

flu maybe? fluids, lots of fluids along with the sleep. And motrin. Feel better guys.

Busy Bee Suz said...

awww...I hope this passes quickly!!!

Elizabeth said...

Awwww...hope he feels better soon!!!!! :-) And same for you my dear!!