Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let me first start, with tonight success... Amanda Overmyer is officially "ousted" from American Idol. THANK GOD! We will never have to hear her horse.. shout-y...voice. Or see her skunky hair and "trying too hard to be a rocker" look. Lets take a moment of silence............ ahhh much better... p.s. THANKS TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR VOTING HER OUT!


My day:

I was in the midst of a horribly awful dream. Right after hearing:

"Brittany, listen to me, 'Shy' isn't messing around, you need to get out now.".... mystery deep manly voice says.

"I'm not dressed..." I say

"I don't care, you need to run out of the bathroom, don't look, and don't stop. Run into the back window and jump out. You may get cut up, but it wont be nearly as bad as if they get you. On the count of three run... ONE.. TWO...GO!!!"

I started running, pushing open the back door, as gun shots are fired, and another mystery man shouts at me. I crash through the glass. Just as I'm flying through the air, something deep inside of me forces me to wake up. I reach through the foggy dreamland to reality. I stare into the darkness searching for the florescent light of my alarm clock. It shines 6:40..... I had set it for 6:00. Why the hell didn't it go off? I rush around my room like a mad man. I need to start my car, and leave in twenty minutes. I don't bother getting dressed. Instead I throw a sweatshirt over my pj's. Throw my hair into a pony tail, and wipe of the excess black eyeliner that's smeared under my eyes which only accent the dark lines formed from lack of sleep. I trot out to my car in a frenzy wearing bright green sweats (Ala' Victoria's secrets 'pink' collection.) and race my way to work. Thank God I work in such a relaxed atmosphere. I made it one minute late.

I only had to work for an hour and a half this morning. Its at the group home, that I just started at. Although I have a good month under my belt, every time I work, I still feel like I'm forgetting something, and just barely keeping my head above water. There's always something going on, and someone trying to get away with something. I just don't know all the rules, and find myself asking some of my clients, if the other one is lieing. Its probably unprofessional, but they love getting each other in trouble, and are usually honest when it comes to others. I make it, and luckily my managers and bosses love me. I have that going for me. For now.

After my quick work slot, I head home. My aunt and uncle are coming over, and its the first time they will meet Aidyn. I think they were starting to believe he was a made up baby... I got home, to find my mom already busy in the kitchen. She's always so busy, and creative. She does so much, and I wish I was half the mom she was. She informs me that they wont be here until 11. Its only 8:45 at this time. phew. I have time. I find Aidyn, and he's crabby. Probably due to the fact that he woke up, during my frenzy that morning.. since he's a baby he gets to be outward about how he feels... he feels how I feel. We both vote for a nap. He didn't agree at first, but after a half a minute in his crib, his silence was his vote. He crashed. I crashed. We both slept until 11.

I woke up, not intending to sleep so long, but happy that I did. I jump in the shower, put on make up, brush my hair, and get dressed. Then Aidyn and me rush to hang out with my aunt and uncle who have already been waiting for about fifteen minutes. It always seems i'm late these days. Maybe its because I always feel five minutes behind. I think I need to reset my internal clock, or maybe put in some new batteries, because something is F'ed up.

I always enjoy listening to people tell me how cute my son is. Especially when its followed by, and you look so much like your mother. I take that in a round about way as being a compliment to me. Even though if you think about it, that would mean I'm a chubby cheeked fatty who is missing teeth. Two out of three is kind of correct these days. lol. (thank god I hit the gym today.) My aunt is equally as creative as my mother, and so the day was filled with crafts. We helped the kids dye Easter eggs and decorate cookies. Vaeh enjoyed drinking the dye, and all its amazing flavors. She is a little smartie, but apparently not so much when it comes to vinegar. Yuck. I of course caught it all on film, while the others dashed to her rescue to clean up her face, and take away the dye. ha. That defines my parental skills.. eh? I also got lots of shots of all the kids though out the day. I even made a "mom on the go" Easter egg (see photos) just for all of you. It was a pretty good day, and to top it off, my step dad grilled! I love grilled food, and it got me super amped for summer! yipee.... we had brats. yum! As we were dyeing eggs I looked at the clock. 2:45 p.m ... DAMN! I need to be back to work by 3:00 and I still need to change my clothes (since i changed to dye eggs.).. I rush down stairs and through on a different t-shirt and sweatshirt. Happy that I at least am not sporting lime green sweats. I get to work late by 2 minutes. But I bring Easter cookies as a peace offering. I think nobody noticed anyhow.

Work was something else.... It may have been the beginning of the end of the "honey moon" stage. The whole day was filled with one disaster after the next. It was non stop. I couldn't even get my head to stop pounding. When I got there (two minutes late) the lady had to rush out the door, stopping for a mere moment to inform me that I had to do the entire afternoon cleaning list, the laundry needed to be put in, I had to give a sponge bath (ugh), and I have to let one of the ladies assist me in cooking cuz its her night. Doesn't sound like much, but it a lot to fit in, especially between fixing snacks, answering questions, playing Yahtzee, and trying to make everyone friggen happy. It doesn't work. I have to reprimand one guy, because he's pissing everyone off. He calls me a b*tch, and tells me to go to hell. He also calls me a son of a monkey, and jumps up and down. Hits himself in the head, and continues to piss everyone off. Ya. it was fun. I was so ready to get out of there, by the time my relief person got there, I was already half way out.

I made it in time to say goodbye to my aunt and uncle, and to get aidyn into his pj's. I then left him behind with grandpa, and rushed out the door to the gym with my mom. It was really great to let out some aggression. Things are going really well, and I feel like i'm getting healthier and healthier. I'm not seeing much results, but I feel myself getting less tired throughout my routine, and i'm able to add more weights. I worked out for an hour and fifteen today, and feel great right now. Thank god for gym memberships.

After the gym I rushed over to walmart. I wanted to get in and out, but ended up staying for much longer then that. (it always happens to me) I was searching for stuff for aidyns Easter basket. He is such a hard age. He's not a baby, not yet a boy (break out in song in dance to the tune of britney spear's)... err.. ya. So its hard to find toys that are suitable for him. He doesn't need ANOTHER Stuffed animal, and the tacky Easter themed toys would be tossed out by the end of the week. I settled on bubbles, and some bath toys. I also bought him a flash light, I think he'll enjoy chasing the light. Plus its a toy I can keep him entertained with while laying on the bed when I want to pass out... I thought I was pretty smart. I felt even better when I passed by all the chocolate themed Easter candy. I only grabbed up some jelly beans (which i don't like anyways) and some frogs (which were the same thing as peeps only they looked like frogs) .. (and i don't like those things either) ... for aidyns basket. Hopefully that keeps me from gaining any weight over the holidays.

I spent way more money then I should have, and even though I went with the list, I know realize I bought much more then that. I think that should be one of my new goals. Stick to the list. I got myself a few presents... and headed home. Feeling pretty happy about my day.

As I re-read what I just wrote, I see that this is kind of a pointless blog, and if you made it to this point, then you have just as little of life as I do. It may also mean that you are a reality show/blog junkie too... which could ALSO mean we'd be great friends. (or maybe we already are.) So to you my dear friend, and this beautiful day, I bid you all farewell...

stay sweet.. and visit again. Pictures to come.... :)
m.o.t.g.= britt