Friday, March 21, 2008

the case of the missing wallet.

I find myself now in the midst of a winter wonderland. Snow flurries fall silently but quickly outside my window. The hood of my car and wind shield are piled high with snow from the all night winter storm. It feels more like christmas eve then two days before Easter. I think the yearly Easter egg hunt will be quite easy this year. Brightly colored Easter eggs tend to stick out in the white snow, but thats what we get for living in Minnesota. I love snow, but not at the end of March. AND not after we got such a great taste of the spring in the past week. This must be Gods idea of a practical joke! Saying "What were you thinking silly Minnesotans?! Spring doesn't come THAT easily. " So now back to the reality that it is not yet spring. Not quite. So now in a few minutes I get to go fight the elements and TRY to make it to work. Its funny how life goes on in Minnesota, cars still drive, businesses stay open, and people go about their day unphased. If this happened in Florida, their worlds would be completely interupted. Speaking of Florida, I wish I was there right now.

I thought I should write, since I didnt write yesterday. I guess thats because I was so irritated. I had taken my consumer DK out for a movie. We went to "never back down", which was a fantastic movie. It was going to be a nice easy night, but as i was leaving the theatre I realized that I no longer had my wallet. It had been in my purse when we came, but it had suddenly vanished. I searched franticly, using my cell phone as a light, trying to remain calm. The owner came in and turned on the lights, and helped me (being sooo sweet) search as well. No luck. I ran around the theatre checking with all of the clerks, looking in garbages, and bathrooms. Everyone was a suspect. I was furious. The police were called, and I made a police report. My only thought was canceling all my credit cards. I brought DK home, and he kept patting my back, as tears pooled in the corner of my eyes. I rushed home, and looked up all the numbers to my credit cards. It took me well over an hour. I silently shouted "why the hell do i have so many of these damn things..!!!" which is also the same thing I shout when I have to pay them. Right before I was going to calapse into bed I checked my voice mail. (which I forgot to take off vibrate after the movie.. ya i'm polite like that!) There it was, the message i'd pleaded with God for, all the way home from dropping off DK. They had found my wallet. I'm not sure where, and I still havent been there to pick it up (due to weather).. so i'm not sure if anything was stolen. I'm just glad that I dont have to get a new license, and all of my reciepts for work are safe. PHEW! All my cards are inactive now (maybe thats a good thing? lol) Duplicates are coming in the mail and I paid an extra fee to get my debit card rushed to me.. seeing as how no one tends to take checks anymore. All is well, and even thought it was a royal pain the you know what, I got through it.. (even if I cried... a bit) The owners of the theatre were TERRIFIC, and handled everything so well. Even giving me a hug before I left, feeling totaly defeated. I am planning on sending them a thank you card this week.

So there you have it. My horrible nightmare-ish day yesterday. But as I sit here holding my little "boog" on my lap. Listening to sponge bob square pants (hate this show) and watching the snow fall outside my window, I am simply content. Its funny how even when I am in the pit of a horrible day, and i'm feeling so "lonely" holding Aidyn can make it all better. He really does make me smile. We've had a really good day today.... days like this make me never want to leave him. ( nb. mn chb ) <----a not from aidyn. ha. So with that I'll say goodbye. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe, warm, and happy :)
much love
m.o.t.g (britt)