Monday, December 6, 2010

Just livin' life

So remember when I was a queen commenter?

Remember when I made you laugh?

Remember when you said "AWWW" as you read all my sweet comments?

Does it feel like a distant memory?




Life has really caught up with me.

Truth is..

I'm out livin my life!

I'm laughing.

I'm working.

I'm taking care of my son.

I'm spending time with family.

I'm selling Mary Kay.

I'm going to parties..

And I am HAPPY!

My blog is and was my escape... but these days... I don't need one as much.

I'm not saying I am going anywhere..

I'm just saying..

that these days I might be a bit sparse!

Because this girl is happy and living life :) and I hope you are too!!!


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I'm so happy you've been happy! You totally deserve it. Of course we miss you!... but we want you to be out livin' life :)

OHHHHH! And I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for hosting the cute kid giveaway! Bennett won, I can't believe it! And we've been having a BLAST choosing all his prizes! :) :) :)

Blogs said...

gosh...nothing is better than living life outside blog world!

Katie said...

Im so glad to hear this wonderful news!! You totally deserve to be happy, having fun and smiling ear to ear.
Hope everything stays that way :)

Kit Kat said...

I'm so happy that you are doing so well! You truly deserve it. I hope things continue on this path of happiness.
Keep havin fun!!!!!!!

Renee said...

Enjoy yourself!!!!

jules said...

I've been the same way. My blog is definitely been neglected lately.

It's okay, enjoy your life!

Danielle Leal said...

Aw! I love it! I am so happy that you are out living life and happy! That's the best! We miss you, but you deserve this! Just don't forget to come back and say hey!

Take care beautiful!

Jumble Mash said...

I love hearing how happy you are! That's excellent!

Nicole said...

It's good to hear you are living life! Keep up the good work :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad you are out enjoying life! You need too! Happy for you!! But I must say, we miss you!!

Annie said...

you are gorgeous girly!! life is all about living and enjoying everything, every day! you keep on doing that! you are happy and that's all that matters sweets! i hope all stays this way!! keep on having fun!!

Sara Strand said...

I'm glad you're out having fun! :)

Jessica said...

SO TRUE! I'm catching up on my blogs now, life is more important. ;)

Rebecca said...

so happy to her that you are happy.

tara said...

so happy that you're out livving life and having fun! we're all still here when you have time to blog! :)

AiringMyLaundry said...

Nice pictures!

And sometimes we just need a break. I'm glad you've been doing well!

ag. said...

I was thinking you've been missing! But it's really refreshing to hear that you're out living life with a smile on your face! I hope it never stops! :)

Stacey-Lou said...

good for you girly! :) xx

Dancy said...

YAAY! Good for you girl!!! I still wanna see pics of the new room! :)

Jennifer B said...

How IS MK going??

alliehallmarr said...

i'm totally there too! i've been so bad at following my favorites and i feel like a horrible friend! just know that i totally understand and that i am just as sorry. i miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love how i am in every picture on this blog post!! haha! LOVE IT!!! --Jaclyn aka Freisin