Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Comes First

My first instinct after Halloween crafts was to start planning Christmas projects.

In fact over a week ago I almost impulsed bought an entire rack of silver Christmas ornaments.

When I saw all the Christmas lights my pulse pounded and my eyes got big and I could barely contain myself.

That night I called up BD and we set to making plans for Aidyn for Christmas..

What should we buy him?

Who would buy what...

So on and so fourth..

When we got our first taste of winter snow I wanted to blast "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

and then BAM!

It was like I ran straight into a reality check.

Its only the beginning of November.

There are still pumpkins on our porch steps.

Halloween candy has barely been eaten.

Thanksgiving is just less then a month away.

How is it that Christmas keeps coming faster and faster?

What happened to enjoying each holiday as it came?

To really stop and remember the REAL reason to every season.

After reading THIS post, written by my Mom, it reminded me once again to stop and take a breather.

To slow it all down.

To not get so wrapped up in the spending and commercialism of the holidays, but instead give to those less fortunate, be a good friend, smile at strangers, and enjoy the time as a family.

So as a family we are going to work together to slow the holidays down.

We are going to enjoy Thanksgiving first, and then worry about Christmas.

I can't wait for the Christmas season but for now I'm just going to stop and smell the "pumpkin pie" before moving on to the "pine tree".

If you'd like to read about the inspiration for all this you can check Jim's post at his blog Suldog! I think he could inspire you too! :) Together we can all stop the flood of Christmas before we've even sat down to Thanksgiving dinner! Just think how great it will feel to just enjoy each holiday as it comes without feeling rushed to move on to the next!!


Rebekah said...

I agree. I'm excited for Christmas, but it will be our first one on our own. No family, so I want it to be great.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving though because we get to go home for the first time since moving! We'll enjoy that.

Unknown said...

I agree totally. Infact, I make sure I even decorate for Thanksgiving. As much as I want to decorate for Christmas... Thanksgiving is so important. Its a time to GIVE Thanks be with family, count our blessings etc. My mom said it best several years ago. During one Thanksgiving. I was video taping family and asking them what they were thankful for and what they loved about Thanksgiving. My mom was stirring her mashed potatoes when she said. "That alot of people look right past Thanksgiving and go right into Christmas, and its to bad, Thanksgiving is so important and we need to give thanks for all our blessing and gifts." I love my mom and that has always stuck with me, so I can't dive right into the twinkle lights and merry cheer. Anyway, Thanks for the reminder. I love Turkey day. Plus its tradtion to decorate the Christmas tree after Turkey dinner. Hugs, Jen

Dancy said...

I followed the chain to your mom's blog & John's. LOVE love love the "Thanksgiving 1st" idea!!

I think too that we only notice these things as we get older. As kids we're so wrapped up in Halloween, then school & Thanksgiving to really notice that Christmas pops up. As adults we're busy planning ahead to prepare.

I still love me some Christmas cookies though. ;)

Lori said...

Wonderfully said dear daughter! XX

Shelley said...

It's so easy to get caught up!! But you are right, I try not to wish my my life away and just enjoy every moment. I love all the holidays and the in between as well!

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

American thanksgiving makes me happy I have mine in October; there's a bigger gap between thanksgiving and Christmas... but i pay the price of an early harvest lol.

Jessica said...

SO so true! Thank you for posting this, I think we all need a reminder sometimes.

Greta said...

Well said. I too love the Thanksgiving 1st idea! I try to get all my Christmas shopping done before November so I can focus on handmade crafts and just enjoy each holiday :)

Melanie said...

Hello Brittany! I just found your blog thru Jenglamgirl and loved your post! Its so true..everyone always seems to rush right past Thanksgiving and focus on Christmas..but Thanksgiving is such a great holiday to celebrate..we should all take time to enjoy it while its here. A wonderful time to stop and be thankful! Became your newest follower as well! :-)

Suldog said...

Thanks so much for this! Lovely post, and I'll be giving you a link in the follow-up to my original this Friday. If you know of anyone else who has done a post about TCF, please tell them to let me know, so I can give them a link, too!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

I'm totally one of those freaks that decorates on November 1st... forgive me, please!

Seriously, though - i love decorations. I love baking... love the food, love visiting, and the thanksgiving holiday is almost more enjoyable to me than Christmas because it's a lot less hectic! Certain family members go hog wild with Christmas gifts, and it just get to be way too much - almost to the point where it's annoying. My shopping list is super small this year - downsizing big time! I just want to enjoy the atmosphere this year - things are a little stressful, its our last year in Athens, and I really just want to soak up this holiday season as much as possible :)

Good post - it really helps me realize that its OK that i'm not already Christmas shopping!

Cricket said...

Ah. I'd already read your Mom's post. I see the connection now. Thanks for your visit, and for your own contribution to my swell pal Suldog's TCF.

I won't even mention C******** ;-)

Shelze said...

I read your blog about Thanksgiving comes first, and while I am talking about Christmas on my blog, I can't wait for Thanksgiving. There will be lots of pictures and stuff from things that my family does as a tradition. Like, we go to a high school football game at 8am on Thanksgiving morning, EVERY year. Then we get together and have one huge meal. It is sad that Thanksgiving gets overlooked, but every Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and friends. ;)

Suldog said...

I was re-reading some Thanksgiving Comes First posts, and I stopped by Lori's place, and naturally that led me back to you again, too. Great piece.