Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks Shutterfly

So I had completely finished my holiday cards in town.

In fact all that was left was to decide how many and I would have submitted my order.

Then I visited Shutterfly, and fell in love with there many designs!

So now I am completely lost as to which one I will choose.

All I know is that my holiday cards WILL be done by Shutterfly!


Look at these cool designs?

I know that I want to do a card with multiple pictures. The one I had ready to print had plenty of room for pictures, but lacked the design details I found at Shutterfly. You can check out others and browse for yourself here.

Another one of my favorite gifts I receive from my mom is our annual family calander! I look forward to a new one ever year! This year I am considering making one for a few of my good friends. I love the fact that I can make it and ship it right to them! Online shopping is GREAT for family members that live out of state! The prices for Shutterfly's calendars are super affordable too! Which is great for this girl with a budget!

Lastly what better way to top your holiday gifts off then with a personalized gift tag?

Seriously Does it get much cuter then this?

To top off all this Shutterfly goodness, Shutterfly is giving away 50 free photo cards to bloggers! When I heard about that, it sealed the deal for me!

To get involved you can sign up to earn your 50 free holiday cards from shutterfly here: !!

You can thank me later for the hook up! :)

Thanks again Shutterfly, you will surely be in charge of all of my holiday needs this Christmas!

P.s. I'm still supporting Thanksgiving comes first... but seriously FREE photo cards? I couldn't resist!


Rebekah said...

They are seriously awesome! I just got my free cards in the mail today and I love them! I'm in the process of making a calendar, too. Ha, I love it!

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

THANKS for sharing this i jumped right on over and filled out the form!!

V said...

Your so good Britt! I never seem to have enough time to send out Xmas cards and that is such a horrible excuse. LOL. Did you get your necklace yet?

Jillian said...

I am having such a hard time choosing my design lol

Mormon Surrogate: I'm not the mom I'm just the stork said...

Shutterfly is pretty cool! I am actually lucky enough to have a dad in the printing business. I've been having fun creating my own photo cards the past few years for Christmas.

Happy Friday Sweetie!

becca said...


Just make sure to get photos of the one you choose and personalize!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yeah Shutterfly pretty much rocks!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love shutterfly!!!

Jumble Mash said...

I'm soooo taking advantage of this! Thanks!!

Natalie said...

Love them all!!! :-)

Elle said...

Thankk you