Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good news..

So as most of you know I am a BIG fan of "Wedding blogs".

I love to hear about the planning process.

I jot down good ideas.

I lust after rings.

Between wedding blogs, magazines, and wedding tv shows I pretty much have my wedding day planned out.

Now all I need is a man.

Minor detail of course!

So meanwhile I decided to play my own version of Say Yes to the Dress.

What better place then at the local GW?!?

The sales rack was stacked, and ladies and gents I am pleased to announce..


I didn't feel the "This is it moment" until I adorned that AWESOME veil...but with my mom standing at least twenty feet away from me .. I knew... THIS IS IT!

Then I looked down and seen one gnarly stain and a few rips.

GW is pretty solid on the "as is" rule, so I grudgingly returned my dream dress back to the rack.

Which is probably best...

because how scared do you think a man would be if I showed up on our first date in a full length-long sleeved-wedding dress?


Danielle Leal said...

hahaha this is fabulous. I'm sure the man would be running for the hills and changing his name if you decided to go on a date in that. i don't blame him though haha. That would be the perfect dress for a zombie bride though.
You'll get to say yes to that dress someday.

Anonymous said...

awww I think it looks gorgeous!!! lol

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

ROFL thats awesome! I bet they did some crazy photography after the wedding was over to get all they could out of the dress.

I want to get married lol; I have been with my hubby for six years and two kids and still no purposal... just when you thought you couldn't do ANY more lol.

Rebekah said...

You are too funny! And I agree, the man is just a minor detail, ha!!

If you wore that on a date, you would really start to weed out the weirdos!

Hannah said...

My very good friend Karen (who has been married 10 years now with three step-daughters and a beautiful little girl) bought her dress before meeting her husband. Her mother was terminally ill and they found a dream dress - to Karen it was more important to have "the dress" moment with her mom than worry about finding the man.
He came along in due time ;)

Jumble Mash said...

HAHAHA you crack me up. Finding a man-minor detail :)

I do love the dress! I cannot wait to have a wedding!! Do you ever check out

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh my gooosssh! I can always count on you when I need to smile/laugh!! You are hilarious!

sssdawna said...

hahaha! he would probably feign sickness and end the date as soon as he saw you...his loss! ; )

i had lots of details planned out too. then the time actually came to put it together and i said: this is too much work!!!


Copyboy said...

If you had the veil i might be a tad concerned. Other than that I'd be cool. I'd just hope it didn't rain. Bad luck for wedding days and first dates.

Lori said...

I'll never forget when I was at that same Good Will with Toni and Rayna...Toni was looking at books for her classroom so I had taken Rayna to walk around..she came upon the wedding dresses..she screams at the top of her lungs, "Grandma if you ever find a man to marry you, you could buy one of these dresses!" As usual it was very busy so there were lots of people to hear her. Everyone laughed and I was so embarrassed. When I took her back to find her mom she say's to her Mommy," Hey Mommy we found a wedding dress for Grandma!" And Toni's like, "Um Grandma doesn't even have a boyfriend." LOL

ag. said...

oooh you are so funny! i love this! i think you should wear that dress on your dates now and see who sticks around...might be your dream guy! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! You crack me up girl. :)

Katie said...

hahaha funny!!! That would be sooooo funny if u wore that on a first date omg!
I LOVE everything about weddings too and jot down notes of things I like in a little planner. Steve thinks im completely nuts but I mean i know what I want and he should be happy that if he proposed I have so many idea already.

Busy Bee Suz said...

YOU crack me up.
I think you should set up another date with the loser guy and show up in that dress. Let's see his face then. :)

Token Yankee said...

Haha, I am the same way about weddings. I love reading about them and all the details. And I am married, I hope I don't get to plan another one unless it is my future child's :).

Hey Barbie said...

Gorgeous, but I think you need some shoulder pads in that thing haha! You will be a member of the Wives Club one day. Better you than me, because I have no hope LOL!

jules said...

You are too funny! I've been trying to get my act together for a wedding update on my blog eventually!

Jessica said...

If the man really really...REALLY loves you, he'd think that dress is gorgeous. ME? Not so much. Haha.

But still love ya!

Nicole said...

that reminds me of that friends episode when Monica was in her soon to be sister-in-laws, Phoebe was in one (while pregnant) and Rachael greeted her already flight risky boyfriend at the door in her old one.