Friday, September 3, 2010

:)))) yay!

Notice anything in this picture?:


My Sodderbug necklace I won from Jenn's blog came in the mail today!


I am madly in love!

Now I am back to the kitchen! This Susie Homemaker along with her mama is making 300+ cupcakes for a wedding! My fingers are covered in frosting, and my apron is getting its first work out!

Wish us luck, and see you all back here Sunday!



Rebekah said...

Love it! Wow, that's a lot of cupcakes. Good luck!

Mormon Surrogate: I'm not the mom I'm just the stork said...

Beautiful! Yay you!

Have fun with the cupcakes.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Yahoo!! Love it!

Unknown said...

CUTENESS, so so so glad you got it! You are a doll. Good luck on all the cupcakes WOW! jen

Debbie said...

Cute ! I have a similar one..does yours have a saying on the back?? mine says " she's on journey to find her wings.."

Blogs said...


Aimee said...

This reminds me that I need to ship uout your giveaway!!

Haave fun baking!

LovelyBee said...

Did I ever tell you you're like the most CUTEST, ADORABLE person, including women, men, kids, old folks and sometimes puppies,I have ever seen in my life. I swear, your smile is infectious; Although I'm dying in bed, your smile just made me smile for the first time today! Thank you and congrats on your win!

Bree said...

That's a lot of cupcakes to make! I made some today, but just for me haha

Miss Chelsea said...

I think you sent some good luck my way... I just won a giveaway!