Thursday, September 30, 2010

Move over Candy Land

theres a new game in town!

That's right.

I used learning and game in the same title.

uh hu!

So after reading about a lady who created a game to help with her children's junior/senior high homework, I was inspired.

I decided to create a game that was easy enough for young children to play (with help from an adult) that would teach them along the way.

I went on a scavenger hunt around the house for supplies. I found two cardboard cake boards, foam paper, stencils, markers, a bucket, a wipe off board/marker, and matchbox cars.

First I used a post it note for the template for each square. I traced the post it note on to the foam paper. I used six colors, and cut out 4 pieces from each color.

Since the foam paper I used had sticky backing, I simply pealed the paper off the back and created a boarder around the sides of the cake board in a pattern.

When I was finished I cut out smaller rectangles of each color. (approx 5 each) I placed all of these in a empty and clean food bucket. Instead of rolling dice the children will take turns picking a card from the bucket with their eyes closed. (similar to candy land)

Each color represents a different activity and the amount of spaces they would move.

I picked things that were age appropriate for my kids. (with plans to change them as they grow and learn!)

Yellow- Upper case letters
Dark blue- Manners
Red- Guess a picture
Green- Shapes
Light blue- Numbers
Purple- Lower case letters

I also included four black rectangle pieces in the bucket. If they drew a black card they had to skip a turn. I did this to teach them patience, and learning how to behave when things don't go there way.

I used the wipe off board to challenge them.

If they answered correctly they got to move their game piece, and keep their card.

If they answered incorrectly they stayed put, and placed their card back into the bucket.

They continued around the board until one person collected all the colors. (similar to trivial pursuit)

The kids loved it, and I had fun challenging them.

They pretty much mastered all the categories but still struggle a bit on the lowercase letters. As soon as they master that, I'll move on to more challenging things. Words in Spanish, spelling, reading short words, simple math, etc...

What I love most is that the parent HAS to be involved. I can cater my question to each child. If I know one of them has trouble with the letter "Q" I'll make sure to the throw that in there so they learn it. If one is younger I make the questions a little easier!
I am quite pleased with the results and even more pleased with how the kids responded to it! Although we work a lot with flash cards, this kept their attention a lot longer!

Its all in the approach people!!

I have a feeling we will be keeping and playing this game for many-many years! I just hope the kids enjoy learning this much for the rest of their lives! :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is awesome. I know the kids will all enjoy and learn at the same time.
You rock Britt!!!

Ashley said...

That is a really cute idea! Love it!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea. You're so talented! Love how creative you are. I'm gonna have to steal this idea when Haley gets a little older. =]

Anonymous said...

It sounds like such a great game!! So creative! :)

Rebekah said...

Girl, you are awesome! That is a great idea!

~Joy said...

Waht a great idea Brittany! I may have to steal this idea from you- would be great to add to our homeschool days:)

Mama said...

Fun! When I'm done dying from this sickness over here then I may have to steal this idea from you. Alyssa would love it!

Hannah said...

You are so cute! Wish I had this growing up :)

Dancy said...

Wait - you invented this??? How effing cool is that?!? !!

jill said...

awesome job! i wanna play that game! :)

Betty said...

Great job! And fun! :)

Kit Kat said...

Awesome idea! Oh, my mom and I found this magazine at Joannes the other day, and there are so many fun crafts in it that made me think of you!!! I will send some pictures as soon as my camera has batteries again!

Ed said...

My kids love games. They are constantly leaving the pieces all over the house.

This is cool though.

Hey Barbie said...

such a good idea, your little man is handsome & very smart!!!

ps. i loved your tangent of a comment!!!!!!

asj said...

girl, you are so creative! those little ones are so lucky to have you! :)