Wednesday, August 25, 2010

poooopy training!

Yesterday was one of my "Bad mommy" moments.

We've all had them.

The ones where you flip out a little.

Maybe its not a big thing, but you're having a bad day.. and then BAM.

You yell... a little too loud.

Yup. I'll admit it.

I have had.

Will have.

and did have one of those moments.

Let me set the scene.

I sent Aidyn down to change his pants. He told me he had an accident.

A pee accident.

No biggie.

It happens.

He is able to dress himself, and knows where to place his dirty underwear.

All things he's been taught.

After twenty minutes, he's still not upstairs.

I went downstairs to look for him, and find him naked from the waist down.

I told him to put underwear on or a pull up since it was almost time for bed.

He turned around.

POOP all over his leg and butt.

So I said.. "where did you poop?"

He just started crying.

So I said "Did you poop your pants?"

MORE crying.

"Did you poop on the floor?"


"Where the did you poop?"

Still he wont answer, and still he cries.

First things first I snatch him up and put him in the shower to clean him up.

He is screaming bloody murder.

He doesn't like the shower, but he usually doesn't freak out either.

I knew something was up.

I shut off the water, and go downstairs.

I ran from room to room, my nose sniffing the air.

Where is the sh!t?

Finally after searching, I went into the downstairs bathroom.

There we have it.


NOT in the potty chair.

No.. NOT in the toilet.



Poop covering the sink.

I tried to clean it with water.


I gagged, as I grabbed an old tooth brush, and tried to push it down the drain.


I'm about to throw up.

I race upstairs, red faced.

I yell a little too loudly at Aidyn.

He's STILL crying.

I tell him to come downstairs, and he followed.

I asked him what happened.

He had an accident in his pants.

I plunged the sink, and the mess when down the drain.

I sprayed the crap out of it with bleach and cleaner.

Then I sat Aidyn down to ask what REALLY happened.

He took my hand and brought me to the dryer.

Inside he had placed his dirty underwear.

He had an accident, but wanted to clean it up himself!

He had gone to the bathroom to wash out his underwear like he'd seen me do!

Here he was just trying to be a big helper!

I sure felt like a Jerk then!

I hugged him, and put him down in bed.

Later when I went to sleep myself, I grabbed my boy and we cuddled.

I felt like the worst mom in the world, until he wrapped his arms around me and told me he loved me!

Being a parent doesn't mean your perfect.

You still screw up.

BUT being a good mom.. means that you know how to apologize when you did something wrong.

I asked Aidyn man to forgive me for raising my voice. I told him I loved him.

Aidyn knows I'm not perfect.. but he loves me anyways.

I am blessed!


Blogs said...

ohhhhhhh the joys of motherhood....did we already go over this....haha

Tasha said...

I have tears in my eyes..that is a sweet story!

Kel said...

:) I don't miss potty training days, especially the poop. My daughter once tried to hide that she had an accident and removed the poop from her panties and put them in her play purse. I didn't even know it was there until a few days later when it started to really smell. Hope it gets better and give that sweet boy a hug! :)

asj said...

awwww. he's so sweet. that story is really cute.

EVERYone has their days. I hope I'm half the mom you are one day!

~Jesse~ said...

Haha...awwww...funny stuff, sounds like every day at work for me

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Oh no i'm scared for potty training days I hate poop. You are such a good mommy!! I look up to you a lot. We all have these days and will have millions more.

This is such a good story I love it

Brae said...

Aw, I have tears in my eyes too!
I am not a mommy yet but I am a god mommy and I know hard it can be to potty train a boy! My godson will pee but not poop. Good luck!!

Joy Palakkal said...

Nice Story!!!
With All Best Wishes..

Mama said...

Oh Mama, I'm pretty sure I have at least one "bad" Mama moment a day. It's okay though cuz they still love us!

And look at him trying to be a good little helper!

He & Me + 3 said...

I have those moments often. It is nice to hear them say I love you after we apologize.

jules said...

I loved this story. You sound like a wonderful Mom! And you clearly have a great little man to prove it!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

awwww this story breaks my heart! Little guy... he's so sweet! You're a great mom - you totally knew what to do, and how to make him feel better. :)

Riahli said...

I've had way to many of these moments being a mom of four...the accidents (yuck) and the yelling (urg)...You are right on when you say that being a good mom means you know how to apologize. I apologize a lot. Sad to say. But you know what so do my kids, they more often then not apologize with out being prompted and they mean it, from their heart. :) That is what you are teaching your son when you apologize to him.

Aubrey S. said...

My grandmother told me a story about me as a kid doing something similar and there were poop all over the bathroom.