Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear FH,

When I was younger, I used to write letters to my future husband. I heard about it in a book, and my youth group encouraged it. I'm not sure where the letters went to, I wish I knew. Today I started thinking about the letters, and how good it felt, to talk to a man, I didn't even know. These days with no husband, or even a boyfriend on the horizon, I think it might be a good exercise to start doing. What better place to keep them, then on here? So every Wednesday, will be Dear Future Husband day. I think it'll be a mixture of serious, and humorous! We'll see how it pans out :) So without further ado:

Dear FH,

Tonight I went to "Eclipse" for the second time. As much as I love the Twilight saga, I am far from being obsessed. I don't own a t-shirt, and I'm pretty indifferent about whose "team" I am on. This night would have been pretty unmentionable, if it wasn't for one thing.

I looked around the theatre, and I was surrounded by couples.

I wasn't sad or anything. I am content with my life, and the way it is right now. I am ready now, to wait for you... but I want to make you a promise. Here it is:

I will never. Not ever. Make you go to a movie like that with me. Got it? I have girlfriends. Plenty. As I looked around, I seen tons of miserable men. Some checking their watches. Some yawning. Others like me, were scanning the theatre. None of them seemed to enjoy the movie.

So thats my deal. As much as I know you'll love me. As much as I know you'll agree to go with me. I wont make you. I might make you suffer through a chick flick or two at home.... but I'll even it out with a terrible horror movie, or tacky action flick.

Do we have a deal?

Well if so, then you have to promise me one thing. You have to promise me that you wont ever. I mean never-ever.... EVER wear tube socks with shorts. Promise? :)


Waiting patiently,

Your FW


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

ha ha! This is a great idea :) I asked my poor husband to sit through the Eclipse midnight showing... but he thinks Kristin Stewart is "cute", so i think he was ok, lol - still, i probably committed some form of marital abuse by asking him to gawk at Taylor Lautner's abs for two hours!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So, can he wear white sox with sandals though???? :)

Chelsea said...

Hah I love this idea. I don't ever make Chris go to the girly movies with me either... I mean we go to some rom'com's but he enjoys them but I wouldn't ever expect him to go see SATC or something!

nanner said...

I remember writing letters to my FH when I was younger as well. If i only kept them.

Dancy said...

HAH! I literally just laughed outloud in my office. We have the same deal - I don't make him watch chick flicks & he doesn't make me sit through Dude Movies.

Along with the sox rules - "Jhorts" are out. Jean shorts? So not allowed. LOL

Steph @ Flip Flop Chic said...

I gave you an award on my blog today! Stop by and check it out when you get a chance. :)

danielle said...

I love this! We used to read the same books and I totally followed suit as well... Forgot all about those, though. I guess I should give those to my husband, eh? haha.