Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm just feeling a bit out of it today, and I think I am going to take the weekend off to cuddle up with my little (bald) man! We'll go out in search of an adventure, and just relax. Maybe the beach, maybe thrifting, maybe a picnic, or a day at the park.. Wherever the wind blows us!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, now I am going out to enjoy mine!

See you all Monday! :)


p.s. If anything super exciting happens in your life, leave me a message, and i'll come check it out! I won't be too far, I just need a little blog break! I know you all understand!


Dani @ said...

Awww ((BIG HUG)) enjoy your time :)

Blogs said...

Breaks are much needed. Trust me I KNOW:) And they feel good when you come back. Enjoy your little man and adventures:) u know I do the same:) xoxo