Monday, June 28, 2010

Story time Monday.. 2

If you'd like to read the beginning you can do so here. :) This is just some creative writing I am playing with. enjoy! :)

By the time the plane landed I almost forgot about the reason for my winter escapade.


I collected what little belongings I brought with me, and for a second contemplated leaving behind my winter jacket. Who needs a winter jacket in paradise? At the last moment, I snatched it before I followed suit in line behind a family with a toddler screaming.

So much for paradise.

I slipped my ear buds into my ears, and tucked my jacket under my arm, as I waved goodbye to the stewardess with an exhausted smile. When I entered the florescent lit terminal, the sounds and smells swallowed me up. All around me were passengers waiting with over sized luggage, tan lines, and sleepy eyes.

No one looked as if they'd been on vacation.

Funny thing about vacations is, that no one just goes with the flow. No one appreciates the moment. There are tours to take. Classes at noon. Massages booked months in advance. Scuba diving, site seeing. So much booked into a week long vacation, that no one has time to breath until they are on the plane ride back home.

Not me.

I planned nothing. The only thing I reserved was a hotel room off the ocean, and my plane ticket there. In fact, I was unsure of when I'd even head back. Maybe I wouldn't.

Although more then likely I would. You have to face reality some day. I'm just glad that "someday" wasn't today.

With that last thought, I stepped out with one warm swoosh into the sunshine. It was nice to be out of the recycled air. I pulled my long brown hair into a pony tail, shrugged off my cardigan, and searched for a taxi. A moment later, I was headed towards my resort, windows down and wedding thoughts thrown out the window. I told my cabi to turn of the tropical tourist music. He smiled, and obliged. Some sort of rock music filled the back seat and I tipped my head back and smiled.


Blogs said...

Amazing read...I love you for this even more than I love the fiction book I was trying to read while sunbathing....(the sun was burning my eyes while faced down) This is beyond hilarious...

#1-your a piece of work and made me feel like I was with you;)

#2-I was going to do this and haven't had a moment to sit down to actually write a novel....we're the same brain I swear(:


Keep up the good work!

btw: did you see the award I gave u...u already got but my ass is written all over this one(:

Unknown said...

Makes me feel as if I am there... now that is good writing. Love your mind! THANKS for your sweet comments too! HUGS, LOVES, jenn

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is wonderful....I could feel your relief as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! See you have the magic to keep people coming back for more too!

Dani @ said...

You're quite a talent!! I love your style :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Awesome story. I want to be hanging in the backseat of the Taxi with you.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the fiction! I've been doing the 90in90 writing thing...flash fiction...for a couple of weeks, and's not easy, is it?
Your story was really descriptive and I enjoyed it much:)

Jenny said...

This was written very well - I absolutely love it!!

Thank you for sharing it with us!