Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St.Pattys day cake!

Today me and my niece made a cake for St. Pattys day! Doesn't it look delish?

But wait! Theres a surprise.....

It was a rainbow cake! YUM!

First we started by separating the batter. Then we added food coloring. ROYGBIV! (sorry for the mess! Its ALWAYS messier baking with kids!)
Then we layered the colors of batter into a small cake pan. Baked. Cooled and frosted! :) Now time to enjoy!!
Tomorrow we will be having an all green party with a rainbow cake for dessert! :) What are your plans!


Another David said...

I didn't know people made cakes for St Patty's day, but it looks delicious anyway!

Tomorrow I'll be at a conference in the city... awesome. Buuut my friends and I are trying to find any hookups we might have to sneak into the White House afterward. It worked at the Capitol today!

Unknown said...

HOW FUN!!! looks yum too! Love the rainbow (pot of gold or a cake wink wink over the rainbow.. he!) JGG

Elizabeth said...

That looks so yummy!! I want a BITE!! :-)

Soccer Balls & Showbiz Calls said...

That looks very good and I love that you have green frosting on the top. Cute.