Saturday, March 13, 2010


Day 1 of being child free:
SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH MY COUSIN! (the one on the left!) She is just what the doctor ordered! :) She makes me laugh more then anyone on this earth! She is so funny, and doesn't care if she acts like a completely dork with me. The two of us together are a deadly combination, and I can. not. wait. to enjoy my evening out with her! :)

I'm sure there will be plenty more ridiculous pictures like this, after tonight!!!! :)
Thanks for all the support after my sad post the other day! :) It's always hard being with out Aidyn, but I have just decided to be positive! It isn't every day that I get to sleep in, shop, and spend time with one of my favorite cousin (without our kids!) ! :) God is good, and everything is in his hands!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)

P.s. My other cousin pictured (on the right) is my cousin Kaitlyn. She is beautiful, smart, and a talented (undiscovered) blogger! You can check her out here!


Vanessa said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Blogs said...

Goodness! Ur making me miss my sisters more and more;) Happy Weekend Doll:)

Debbie said...

so glad you are making the most of it:)!!