Monday, March 15, 2010


After dropping Aidyn off with his Grandmother on Friday, Twyla and I stopped by the local G.W. We looked around for a half and hour, and it wasn't looking very successful. Right before leaving I found it! The treasure of the day......

A birdhouse!

It wasn't very attractive. It was an off white color with different insects and gardening tools on it. It was in good shape though, and I knew I could change it, and make it my own. I was excited to take on a new project.

Yesterday I started painting, and it already looks better! Check it out:

(Wish I had a "before" picture to share with you!)

Whatya' think? I love the color combination! It'll match my nieces room PERFECTLY!

Now I need your help. Give me some ideas on what to do next!

What should I add?

A. Keep it plain.
B. Mod Podge flowers on the sides.
C. Polka dots!
D. Add a ribbon!
E. (Fill in the blank)

You guys are my inspiration! I'd love any advice or suggestions you have!


Another David said...

Definitely polka dots!

vabledge, another gem :P

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am all about mod podge. Birds. flowers. insects. anything would look great!!!

Unknown said...

SPRAY paint the entire thing white, AND USE distress ink (dark brown) and go over all the edges.. rub some off with a papertowel. Give it a shabby chic look. You could add some blue and white gingham ribbon to hang it too! ;) JENN

Unknown said...

Oh' I feel awful, I didn't realize you already painted it. MY BAD! In that case, Gerber daisies in the colors you already painted it...maybe small ones around the bottom all around it. Even mod podge flowers with the stems, on both sides of it toward the bottom. Good LUCK! Jenn

AiringMyLaundry said...

Add polka dots! I love polka dots.

Elizabeth said...

I love it!! You should add a ribbon!